Last Updated: June, 18 2019


For those who need a dual dash cam for their car, today, we are going to review the Z-EDGE S4 dual dash cam. 

The device is one of the best front and rear dash cam and has the ability to perform excellently in your car. So, if you are looking for the best dash cam 2019, then today you landed the best place.

Because here in this article we are gonna discuss everything about the Z-EDGE S4 dual lens dash cam. The dash cam has the dual camera with the latest technology and amazing features.

So, it will record the front and rear both the views, and you just have to focus on the drive.

Well, guys, this 2019, and in nowadays the dashboard camera is one of the best gadgets to feel protective while driving a car.

Even, besides the security also, it can shoot your road trip, and you will get the videos for every moment of your road trip.

Dashcam is the name that is one of the best gadgets for both girls and boys. And, just because of the latest technology it can save you from the sudden happens with your car or near your car.

So, guys, after sharing lots of best dash cam front and rear, today, we are sharing one more amazing dashboard camera for your car.

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Let’s have a look at the complete review of the Z-EDGE S4 Dual Dash Cam.

Z-EDGE S4 Dual Dash Cam “Detailed Review”

Z-EDGE S4 Review

Looks And Design – With the Z-EDGE S4 dual das cam replace your normal mirror with a smart gadget, that has a lot of features to let you feel protective everywhere.

The dash cam looks really premium, as it is engineered with the high-quality material, so, it produces an attractive look by which anyone can be impressed by the first look. 

Ful HD Recording With 150-Degree Ultrawide Angle lens – A camera must have a good lens to capture the clear view. Because it is the only thing that makes a camera really smart in a proper manner.

So, with Z-EDGE S4 dual das cam never miss a license plate in Full HD 1920x1080P at 30FPS – front and rear ultrawide 150-degree viewing angle capture more of the road around you.

With such an ultrawide 150-degree wide angle lens, the dash is able to capture a wide area of the road to give you the perfect view of the road around you.

Superior Night Vision – Highly sensitive SONY image sensor guarantees superior low light compensation for both rear and front to capture the clearer view even in the low-light situation.

Also, the wide dynamic range (WDR) technology compensates for light/dark spots and balances exposure and the six glass lenses reduce glare and deliver superior video quality you need whilst driving at night.

So, the Z-EDGE S4 dual das cam is the perfect combination of technology and amazing features, by which it can impress anyone.

And, for those who need a best dual dash cam, it can be the best choice ever.

Some More Eye-Catching Features Of Z-EDGE S4 Dual Dash Cam

Z-EDGE S4 Dash Cam

  • 4.0-inch IPS display screen with PiP display 
  • Switches off automatically with ignition off
  • Energy saving LCD screen off timer
  • Loop recording 
  • Built-in G-Sensor/Accelerometer 
  • One button audio recording on/off 
  • Parking mode watchdog for 24/7

Final Words About The Z-EDGE S4 Car Dash Cam

Z-EDGE S4 Dual Dash Cam

Choosing a best dual dash cam is not so easy, but we are making your work easier by this review. Because now you don’t need to think more, you can go with the Z-EDGE S4 without any if or but.

Because the dash cam can offer you the excellent features and power pack performance. And everything that you can expect from an ideal dash cam this device can offer you.

So, guys, this is the time to visit where you can check out the reviews and rating of this best dual dash cam. 

Now, we would like to thanks to all of you, to visit here and to read this article, and guys, still if you have any query about any dash cam, then leave that in the comment box below.

And, we try our best to give you the perfect answer as soon as we can.