Last Updated: June, 17 2019

YI Mirror Dash Cam

YI Mirror Dash Cam is one of the best dashboard cameras for those who need a dual mirror dash cam. Because the device comes with 2 cameras, so it can capture the front and rear both the view to give you the complete security.

Well, technology continuously raising its hand and almost we are fully dependent on technology. Because it is making our work easier. And dash cam is one of the best gifts of technology to every car owner.

Because if you own a car, then you should have a front and rear dash cam in your car, and especially for girls. Because it records every activity of the road. So, you will have the proper evidence of every activity of the road, whenever you drive your car.

And the YI Mirror Dash Cam is one of the best dash cams because it comes with lots of excellent features and yes it completely fits in your budget. Because it does not cost too much and you don’t need to lose your pocket to buy this very useful device.

Well, without wasting much time let’s check out the complete review of the YI Mirror Dash Cam.

YI Mirror Dash Cam “Detailed Review & Buyer’s Guide”

YI Mirror Dash Cam Review

Super HD Camera Quality – Whenever we buy a camera device then video quality is one of the major things that we consider. Because a camera must have the good video and image quality, doesn’t matter we are buying a DSLR or Dash Cam.

So, if you are thinking the same, then you are at the right place, today we are reviewing the YI Mirror Dash Cam, it is one of the best dual dash cam 2019 editions, that captures every video at Full HD quality. So, you will never miss a single detail of the view.

Well, if you are thinking about the resolution of this best dash cam front and rear, then it has the front facing 1080p HD camera and rear 720p HD camera.

It means whenever you drive your car, your complete drive will be captured in a proper manner, even you will never miss a license plate. Because this device has the ability to capture the sharper videos in every condition.

Hey, folks let me know you one more thing, that besides this informative review of the YI Mirror Dash Cam, you can also check out the complete review of the Rexing V1P dual dash cam and The APEMAN Dash Cam and I am damn sure that you will get these devices really amazing.

YI Mirror Dash Camera Review

Emergency Recording – With a built-in 3 axis adjustable G-sensor the YI Mirror Dash Cam will automatically activate emergency recording in the event of a collision. It will protect the entire footage, including the moments leading up to the accident.

And the another best use of the G-Sensor is, if the YI Mirror Dash Cam detects any sudden change in the position or if it detects any accidental activity with the car or near the car, then just because of the G-Sensor, the device will lock and save the currently recording file for the evidence and low purpose.

It means, it has everything that makes this device the best dash cam 2019. But the features of this device is not ended here, even it has more interesting features, let’s check out below.

App Connection – After your journey uses the accompanying YI Dash App on your smartphone to view videos and playback history in real time.

Through the built-in 2.4GHz wireless module, you’re able to download videos to your phone and share with anyone at any time, wherever you are.

It is one of the most interesting features of this device, that personally, I liked the most because it allows us to check out the recorded files without touching the dash cam on our smartphone. Just simply we ought to connect our smartphone with this dash cam front and rear, and that’s it.

Some More Exciting Features Of The YI Mirror Dash Cam

YI Mirror Dash Camera

  • Integrated LCD 16:9 Touchscreen
  • 240mAh battery 3.7~4.3V
  • Built-in Wi-Fi for App Connection
  • Easy To Set-Up or Install
  • Advanced Parking Monitor
  • Driver Fatigue Alerts

Final Words About The YI Mirror Dash Cam

Well, now at the end there is nothing left to share with you because almost we have shared everything about this best dual dash cam. And now you should take a decision.

And personally, I can recommend the YI Mirror Dash Cam to you, because I am well-aware of the quality of the gadget. It has the ability to perform very well, so it can be the best one of yours.

So, now just visit the from the given button, and if you need more suggestions then just simply explore the site, and you will a wide range of some best and excellent dashboard cameras.