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Every day Showering not only clean your body but it allows you to listen to your insights.

For many people bathing is the most relaxing element of the day.

When you stuck in any situation with long thoughts, it is better to jump for showering to stop surplus thoughts and plant new ideas into your subconscious mind to find a practical solution.

Showering with warm water massages your full body from head to toe and it opens the connection to your quiet voices in the back of your head, and mostly you have answers to your question that you are not listening.

Organizing and shaping everything that belongs to your circle is an essential factor for a comfortable life.

It can be done by selecting equipment’s that based on your requirement.

As the bathroom is packed with many electric, non-electrical, and water accessories.

Vida Alegria H5+

Vida Alegria H5+ Handheld Shower Head

While shopping bathroom utensils, pay attention to water accessories especially showers. As everyone knows, the impact of rain through a shower when it touches your body.

In the market, you will find a massive list of showers and there brands. But here I can give you my opinion that I have researched it. But, in the end, you have a right that best suits you.

For a perfect body shower, Vida Alegria H5+ handheld showerhead is the best choice for your bathrooms Shower Faucet that throws High pressure shower. Instead of this, you have an option to buy Vida Alegria H5+for low water pressure as well.

Below is the detail look of Vida Alegria H5+ handheld showerhead that clears your questions in mind and keeps you satisfied.

Besides Vida Alegria H5+, we have shared the complete list of Best High Pressure Shower Head.

Perfect Body Shower

Vida Alegria H5+ Desgin & Material

Design of Vida Alegria H5+is unique in the market. The quality of the product has shown extraordinary results to their customers. H5+ based on quality stainless steel with high-grade ABS plastic and coated with shiny chrome.

Better to install For Vida Alegria H5+ in kids bathroom because shower head face helps to keep the minerals away found in hard water.

You don’t need to worry about cleaning the shower head regularly.


The size of H5+ spread over Five to seven feet long that anyone can enjoy their bath under this shower. As well as, a bracket is available in its accessories for a wall-mounting. Vida Alegria H5+ will stay in place and don’t stroll away in the shower when put back in its holder.

Head Features

The head itself has five modes of settings for the showerer to delight bathing with a soft rinse, a pressure drench spray, a relaxing rain and you can switch-on to drizzling for saving water with a flick of your thumb.

People who immediately come out from any kind of joint surgery Vida Alegria H5+ shower give a pulsating massage for taking care of their pains and bruises to unwind.

Hence H5+ has mainly five features – three primary, two mixed, and one water-saving.

If you install the Vida Alegria H5+ in a boat or RV, it also helps you save water as well, for those looking for that in a handheld showerhead.

Water Flow

You will feel relax to once you start to use it, this shower handles the standard 2.5gpm water flow. You won’t face any clogging while showering because the Rub clean silicone jets make sure the flow of water. The removable flow restrictor gives incredible and powerful sprays and can tackle lower pressure.


Buyers have three color choices for Vida Alegria H5+ shower such as,

Vida Alegria H5+ Brushed Nickel

A brushed nickel handheld showerhead

Vida Alegria H5+ Chrome

A high-quality polished chrome finish

Vida Alegria H5+ Oil Rubbed Bronze

Oil rubbed bronze

Features and Specification




5+ Spray Patterns Solid BRASS connector & ball joint will last a lifetime
Soft, thick fingers of water High-quality chrome-plated ABS plastic body
Drenching high pressure high coverage spray Adjustable 5 spray patterns
Invigorating pulsating spray PLUS water saving drizzle mode
Mix soft and drenching sprays Looks great in any home, condo or apartment bathroom
Mix drenching and pulsating sprays Silicone spray jets:

  • Resistant to mineral buildup
  • Mineral buildup does not stick
  • Very easy to de-clog, just brush clean!
+BONUS water-saving drizzle setting (perfect for massaging shampoo/conditioner into long hair and for saving RV white water supply!)

Vida shower heads do not rust and stand for many years. This multifunctional unit is Lightweight and perfect for any room.

Vida Alegria H5+ handheld shower head is Affordable:

If you are searching for the perfect shower that meets your expectations and easy to install then buy Vida Alegria H5+ handheld showerhead.

It is affordable plus has robust features. You will found various choices that start with appearance, functionality, and price. In addition to, it may add a great look to your bathroom.

Either renovating your bath or construct a new home you have a lovely option of Vida Alegria H5+ handheld shower have. You can clean the mud off yourself in outdoors or bath your dogs with this ultimate H5 shower.

It connected with stainless steel stretchable hose that can expand to 7 feet, thus making it easier to use. Don’t have tangles or problem. The Hi-tech ABS body keeps clean and resists hard water.

As far as concern about the pressure of water, it can work who may or may not have the strongest water pressure at home. By removing the flow restrictor, you can get intense water pressure that you want.

Your soul will revitalize by its influence of constant pressure and five powerful additional sprays. That massages your tight and sore muscles to bring to relax state.

Any way Vida Alegria H5+ eases your mind and body and save you from any distraction. After installation, soon your creative spirit will spark and boost energy that you need to get ready for Monday morning.

How to Remove Water Restrictors in Showerheads

Restrictor Removal

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