Last Updated: June, 17 2019

TOGUARD Front Dash Cam

TOGUARD Front Dash Cam is one of the most trusted names whenever we talk about the best front dash cam. Because the device is offering such excellent features that make this device far away from the competition. And the another best thing about the TOGUARD Front Dash Cam is, it is one of the bets budget dash cam. Because it doesn’t cost too much, and can be fit in your budget.

So, my dear readers, after sharing lots of amazing dashboard cameras, today we choose the TOGUARD Front Dash Cam to review here. Well, in this article below you will get everything about this best dash cam 2019. And we will try our level best to make this article fully informative.

So, let’s have a look at the complete review of the TOGUARD Front Dash Cam.

TOGUARD Front Dash Cam ” Detailed Review & Buyer’s Guide”

TOGUARD Front Dash Cam Review

Built-in GPS Module

Features are the only main part of any device, doesn’t matter we are buying a camera or a smartphone. Very first we just consider the featur3es of the device.

So, let me know you if you are looking for the best-featured dash cam then trust me the TOGUARD Front Dash Cam is one of the best available options for you. Because it has everything that you can expect from an ideal and the best dash cam.

Well, the very first thing that makes this front dash cam better than other devices is the Built-in GPS Module. So, just because of the Built-In GPS Logger, you don’t need to be the worry about your vehicle, because you can trace your car anytime on Goole MAP.

And also you don’t need to use any external GPS Logger, just simply you ought to mount this device in your car.

TOGUARD Dash Cam Review

Built-in WIFI

One of the most important and interesting features of the TOGUARD Front Dash Cam is Built-in WIFI. This feature allows you to connect your device to your phone just simply by pairing the dash cam with your smartphone.

When you connect your phone with camera’s wifi via APP, so you can download the videos to your smartphone(support Android & IOS).It’s easy that you edit and share videos on facebook, twitter or other social networks.

It means you can control your device even without touching that. So, it can be very useful in this best front dash cam that you can use.

Gravity Sensor

Whenever we thought to buy a dashboard camera then the G-Sensor is one of the most common names that comes to the mind.

Because it is a very useful feature that increases the level of security and allows us to keep the evidence of every activity for the low purpose.

Well just because of the G-Sensor the device detects every sudden activity or every sudden change in the position and its lock and save the currently recorded file for the evidence and low purpose. It means the device ensure that you have proper evidence for everything.

More Exciting Features Of TOGUARD Front Dash Cam


  • Super Full HD Video
  • SONY Image Sensor
  • 6-Glass Lens Technology
  • 170°High-Resolution Wide Angle Lens
  • Loop Recording Function
  • 2.45 inch LCD Display
  • High-Temperature Resistance

Final Verdict About The TOGUARD Front Dash Cam

Above we have shared everything about the TOGUARD Front Dash Cam, and we hope now you have enough knowledge about the TOGUARD Front Dash Cam. And now you just ought to visit the to check out the reviews and the rating of the device from the users.

You can trust the product because it has everything that it needed to be the best. But if you need more suggestions then you can explore our site to get more amazing and excellent dashboard cameras for your car.