Last Updated: June, 17 2019

A rear dash cam is a much-needed accessory when you are traveling via road.

It is an excellent tool which records everything happening on the road and also inside the car.

The device is very small in size and can be easily attached to the rearview mirror.

THINKWARE BCFH-150 Rearview Camera is one of the best rear dash cam in 2019, it has excellent front and rear dash cam which takes care of complete recording.

The footage comes very handily when to want to claim the insurance money and it can always save you from false police cases.

The rear dash cam can record everything happening inside the car, you can use it to create beautiful memories with your family and friends.

The recording gets safely saved and you can always cherish these stories in future. THINKWARE BCFH-150 Rearview Camera can be connected to the wifi with the help of your mobile phone, then you can check the recording as an when required.

Here are some excellent features of THINKWARE BCFH-150 Rearview Camera for which takes care of your road safety.

Detailed Review Of THINKWARE BCFH-150

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Screen – The dash cam front and rear comes with excellent front cameras of 1920 pixels and the rear view has a higher pixel of 1080.

The footage is recorded in HD with great clarity, the camera captures everything with its wide angle of 140 degrees. you can easily mount the rear dash cam on the rearview mirror.

Motion detection – The rear dash cam is hardwired, the THINKWARE BCFH-150 Rearview Camera starts the record as soon as there is a collision with another vehicle, the footage is securely saved and cannot be overwritten.

You need to connect the camera to 21 feet cable. It works great for all type of vehicle like car, jeep, van, truck etc.

Easy installation – The installation of the front and rear dash cam can be done easily, it will take very less time and you can do it yourself by following the simple steps mentioned in the user manual.

It is a great device when it comes to providing complete surveillance of near and rear surrounds.

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True Parking Mode – Safe Parking The rear dash camera comes extremely handy when you have to park your vehicle in a parking lot. With the help of the rear cam recording, you can securely park the vehicle without any collision.

Compact and Sturdy – THINKWARE BCFH-150 Rearview Camera is very compact and has total dimensions of only 2.2 inches x 0.9 inches x 1.1 inches.

It has a very small weight of just 0.96 ounces. The connects cables are long, the power indicated comes with a red led light which makes the detection very easy.

Great Support team – The support team of THINKWARE BCFH-150 Rearview Camera is very friendly and takes utmost priority to solve the issues of the customer in a timely manner.

THINKWARE BCFH-150 Rearview Camera is totally a robust dash cam which is available at an affordable price.

It is one of the best rear dash cams in 2019 available with great features and high quality.

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Final Words About The THINKWARE BCFH-150

We have reviewed lots of dashboard camera on our blog, and it is one of the best-featured cameras that is offering such dynamic features to the users.

And, trust me guys, after using this device in your car, you will get it amazing and perfect gadget that everybody should have.

So, this was my complete description about the THINKWARE BCFH-150 rear dash cam, and the turn is yours. Just visit the to check out the price and reviews of this camera from the users.

Also, if you have doubt or confusion about the THINKWARE BCFH-150 dash cam or any other dash cam, then let us know by commenting below in the comment section.

We will try our best to give you the perfect answer as soon as we can for sure.