Last Updated: June, 17 2019

SENDOW Mirror Cam Having a super smart rear dash cam is a necessity in this fast-moving world.

It is the best practice while driving on road, it will take care of all the road safety part, it is a small device which is attached to the rear of the car.

It records everything and provides the recording in high quality and with the best image quality.

Additionally, a rear dash cam is very important and must for all the drivers. It helps to properly park your car in the parking lot without any collision.

You can easily get a complete wide angle view of the area behind your car, hence you can park your vehicle safely and without damaging the car every time.

A front and rear dash cam are must for all who follows the road safety carefully, it comes very handily when you want to present the evidence to the authorities.

It is also helpful for the insurance claims. SENDOW Mirror Dash Cam is excellent when it comes to the best rear dash cam.

It provides high-quality backup too and comes at a very budget-friendly price. The SENDOW Mirror Dash Cam has both front and rear view option, it captures everything on road.

The rear dash cam is completed weatherproof and provides uninterrupted recording in wost weather too.

Below we are going to share some of the best and exciting features of SENDOW Mirror Dash Cam.

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SENDOW Mirror Dash Cam “Detailed Review”

SENDOW Mirror Dash CamTouchscreen – SENDOW Mirror Dash Cam comes with a 7-inch touchscreen and the navigation is very easy.

The entire user interface is simple and the menu allows multifunctional options.

The rear dash cam provides excellent video quality in daylight as well as night vision capture is also good.

Additionally, the video quality is great with ensures safe driving even at night.

The total length of car charging cable is about 11.48 which is pretty large and good.

Great pixel quality – The front view cameras have good 1080 pixel and can capture up to 170-degree wide angle, it also increases the travel safety.

The rearview camera is totally waterproof and comes with 140-degree wide angle. The rear camera ensures safe parking every time.

Additionally, it will also help you keep track of vehicle from the back. This will avoid the collision from another vehicle.

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SENDOW Mirror Dash Cam Review

5 Views – The large mirror screen also records the footage from one camera and you can also get the picture in picture display patterns from both the front and rear dash camera simultaneously.

Basically, you can switch one key into 5 views, you can also get the panorama view of the road and the nearby area.

Parking mode and g sensor – The SENDOW Mirror Dash Cam comes with a g sensor inbuild into it, it also facilitates the feature of auto lock recorded video when there is any collision from another vehicle or surrounding.

This video can be produced as an important evidence while claiming insurance too.

The parking mode gets automatically turned on when the R gear is engaged, it allows secure parking. It is one of the best rear dash cams in 2019.

Final Verdict About The SENDOW Mirror Dash Cam

SENDOW Mirror Dash Cam

SENDOW Mirror Dash Cam is one of the best car dash cam, that you can buy for your car without any if or but.

This dash cam can offer you a wide range of excellent features and latest technology. So, with this car dash cam you can feel the security around you every time.

Well, now without wasting the time, just visit the and there you will be able to check out the rating and reviews of the SENDOW Mirror Dash Cam.