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Pruveeo D700 Dash Cam

Pruveeo D700 Dash Cam is the best rear view mirror dash cam, that you can buy for your car. The device is offering such an excellent bunch of amazing features to perform excellently.

So, today here on we are reviewing the Pruveeo D700 Dash Cam, in this review below you will get everything about this dual dash cam.

Well, my dear readers before going to talk about this best dual dash cam, let me know you one more thing, that the Pruveeo D700 Dash Cam is one of the best dash cams 2019, and also it is one of the best and top rated dash cameras,

As the device has two camera option so it captures front and rear both the views so if you are looking for the best front dash cam or best rear dash cam then you can go for this one as it can capture both the views of the road.

So, let’s have a look at the exciting features of the Pruveeo D700 Dash Cam, and below you will get everything on this front and rear dash cam.

Pruveeo D700 Dash Cam “Review With & Buyer’s Guide”

Pruveeo D700 Dash Cam Review

Waterproof Rear Camera – One of the most important features of this dash cam is, it is coming with a certified waterproof rear camera.

So, if you are thinking about the bad weather or rainy days, then be relaxed, because the Pruveeo D700 Dash Cam offering a waterproof rear camera option, to make you completely satisfied and tension free.

Pruveeo D700 Dash Cam is the only dual dash cam that is offering you such excellent features at this price, as the camera costs you less than $70, so we can call it the best and most affordable dual dash cam and the best dash cam 2019.

Hey, folks let me know you one more thing, that for those who need more options of the best front and rear dash cams 2019, you can check out our previous reviews of, Rexing V1PFalcon Zero F360KDLINKS X1 and Thinkware F770.

These dash cams are the most rated and best-performing dash cams 2019, and they got the very positive response from the users. So, give a look at these reviews to get the better options to choose the best dash cam 2019.

Pruveeo D700 Dual Dash Cam Full HD 1080P Resolution With The Ultra Wide Angle Lens – The another best features of the Pruveeo D700 Dash Cam is, it captures every video at Full HD 1080P Resolution.

So, if you are thinking about the camera quality, then don’t worry about that, because the this best front and rear dash cam can capture the front view at Full HD 1080P / 720P (30fps) with an ultra wide angle 150 degrees full glass lens.

And, besides the front recording, this dash cam captures the rear view at the VGA 480P (30 fps) with a quality 90 degrees angle lens.

It means, you just have to focus on your car, and this allows you to feel protective every time, as it captures every single scene of the road in a proper manner, to give you the proper evidence for every activity or every crime on the road.

Super Excellent Parking Mode – Parking a car is a work, that I never like, because while parking a car, there is a lot of chance of crashes, and the thing is I never want any scratches on my car.

But while parking we cannot see the scene from behind the car, so what is the solution? Don’t know? If you are also facing the same issue, and looking for a perfect solution, then here it is, the Pruveeo D700 Dash Cam.

Yes, this device offering a true and excellent parking mode by which you can park your car easily, To help you to park your car safely, D700 will automatically show the parking image in full view without pressing any button when the R gear is engaged.

It is one of the most important features of this best front and rear dash cam that personally I liked the most. And the story is not ended here, the device has more amazing and interesting features, that we are going to listing below.

Some More Excellent Features Of Pruveeo D700 Dash Cam

Pruveeo D700 Dual Dash Cam Review

  • 7″Clearer Touch Screen
  • Loop Recording
  • Audio Recording
  • Microphone / Speaker
  • Wide Dynamic Range
  • Power-off File Recovery Function
  • Built-in Battery 320 mA

Final Words About The Pruveeo D700 Dash Cam

This was our complete review of Pruveeo D700 Dash Cam, I hope you found it helpful to you to know the important things about the Pruveeo D700 Dash Cam.

Now, you can go for this best dash cam front and rear without any if or but. You can trust the quality of the device, after buying this gadget, you will get it really worth buying. And, it will never disappoint you.

If you have any suggestion feedback or query about this dash cam or any other dash cam then do share with us, we will try our level best to answer your queries as soon as we can for sure.

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