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Provision-ISR Dual Dash CamA rear dash cam is an investment which helps you always when you are driving your vehicle.

if you look forward to road safety, go for Provision-ISR Dual Dash Cam, it is one of the best dash cams in 2018.

The dash cam can record everything during the collision and will also help you to safely park your vehicle in the parking area.

Provision-ISR Dual Dash Cam is a very compact and a handy camera which can easily fit into your cars rear mirror. Additionally, it can record everything inside and outside the car.

It is not like regular dash cam, it has a unique hidden interior camera which cannot be spotted. That’s the best part about the Provision-ISR Dual Dash Cam. it is trendy, stylish and sophisticated at the same time.

Provision-ISR Dual Dash Cam works as a great proof of an insurance claim and can also be submitted as a proof of traffic violations. It is a must-have for all the professional drivers and also for those who look for road safety. moreover, this dash cam is used as a fun device for recording everything during a trip, all this will make the trip more fun and memorable.

Here are some excellent features of Provision-ISR Hidden Dual Dash Cam, that you should check out before investing your money in this best dual dash cam.

Provision-ISR Dual Dash Cam “Review & Buyer’s Guide”

Provision-ISR Dual Dash Cam Review

Hidden interior camera – The rear dash cam has a spy camera built-in, which can be never spotted.

The inner cam works as apart from mirrors and gives an impression of a regular mirror. The camera additionally has a built-in microphone and stereo.

Perfect for a safe driving experience- Being a driver, it is up to you to have a safe drive for you and your family. The rear dash cam is completely automated and requires an initial installation.

The installation is very simple and can be done easily. The camera can be easily mounted on the rearview mirrors.

The camera will start the recording as soon as you start your vehicle, it also enables the rear view camera when the R gear is engaged.

Safeguard yourself from false traffic violation and insurance claims – The recording of Provision-ISR Dual Dash Cam will work as a proof in case of a false traffic violation. the G sensor technology is very sensitive, the camera gets started automatically when you experience a sudden collision. Everything is recorded clearly and can be used during the needful time. This footage can be worked as an evidence and cannot be overwritten.

Well, my dear readers, I would like to tell you one more thing, that choosing the best dash cam is not so easy because we have to consider everything properly.

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High-quality Lens – The rear dash cam comes with a front camera of 1080 pixel and can record up to 170 degrees wide angle. The hidden camera has a 720-pixel capacity and captures everything along 120-degree wide angle. The screen size is 4.3 inches and the LCD screen completely HD. All the file are saved in AVI format. The recording is done in loop format and there is not every a miss of single second.

Provision-ISR Dual Dash Cam the with an extended time period of 2 years warranty and there are no hidden charges too.

Final Words About The Provision-ISR Dual Dash Cam

Well, this was the complete review of the Provision-ISR Dual Dash Cam, and I hope you found it helpful and well detailed. So, after reading this review, now you knew everything about the Provision-ISR Dual Dash Cam. 

Now, you just have to visit the to check out the more details about this best dual dash cam. Because there is nothing to reject this dash cam, and it has the potential to be the best dash cam of yours. 

The Provision-ISR Dual Dash Cam will never make you disappoint, and it will perform perfectly according to your expectation. So, now at the end, if you have any feedback or suggestion about this dash cam or any other dash cam, then feel free to contact us. 

And, leave your queries in the comment section below, we will try our best to answer your queries as soon as we can for sure.

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