Last Updated: June, 17 2019

PowerLead Puda D003 Car Dash Cam ReviewPowerLead Puda D003 is the name, that came to the mind, whenever we think about the best front and rear dash cam.

Because this dual dash cam has every single feature that a dash need to be the best one.

And also it has also the latest technology to perform excellently.

Well, guys, this is 2019, and in nowadays a dashboard is the very popular name among the people.

Then, if you own a car, you should have this gadget in your car. It will help you in many manners like it will record videos of every happen with or near your car.

And, while the road trip it will shoot your road trip to give you the perfect memories of your friends trip. So, a dash cam can be helpful for us in many manners.

But, choosing the best dash cam front and rear is not so easy, because lots of options are available in the market. And to get the best one from the crowd is not an easy task.

That is why just to make your work easier, we came here with the best front and rear dash cam review, and here we have the PowerLead Puda D003.

So, guys, for every dash camera lover, today, I am gonna review the PowerLead Puda D003 dual dash cam. In this review, you can get everything about this dual lens car dash cam.

Detailed Review Of PowerLead Puda D003 Car Dash Cam

PowerLead Puda D003

Full HD Video Quality At 1080P

If a camera can shoot the videos at full HD resolution, then it will give you the clear and perfectly balanced video every time, and you don’t need to be the worry about the video quality of the camera.

Then, folks, the PowerLead Puda dash cam can shoot every video at full HD 1920*1080P resolution. So, you can think about the quality of the recorded videos by this dual dash cam.

PowerLead Puda D003 Dash Cam

Excellent Night Vision

The 6 glass lenses plus 1 infrared filter lens are designed to prevent fogging from heat generated after long recording, providing sharp and vivid images in a wide range of weather conditions.

And just because of the 6 glass lenses plus 1 infrared filter lens the dash cam is capable enough to perform excellently in the low-light situation also.

Also, the camera supports the WDR technology by which it can adjust the light exposure automatically, and you will get the perfect videos at night or in the low-light situation also.

Wide Angle Super Clear Lens – The Dash Cam Front And Rear, PowerLead Puda D003 dual dash cam has 170° and 120° wide angle lenses. 

So with such a wide-angle lens, the camera is capable enough to capture a wide area of the road. So, you just have to be relaxed and focused on your drive, and it will continue its work. 

Some More Eye-Catching Features Of PowerLead Puda D003

  • Emergency Lock Button
  • Accident Auto Detection Feature
  • Accelerometer
  • Mobile vibration monitoring
  • 12 months Warranty and 30 days free exchange

Final Words About The PowerLead Puda D003 Car Dash Cam

PowerLead Puda D003 Car Dash Cam

Well, folks, now, I hope you liked this review and now you have a better idea about the features and performance of this car dash cam.

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