Last Updated: June, 17 2019

OUMAX Dual Dash Cam

If you are looking for the word class technology and excellent feature in a budget dash cam. Thet here it is the OUMAX Dual Dash Cam. The device comes with almost every single feature and technology that make this device really amazing and excellent in terms of quality.

The device is a dual dash cam, it means it can work as a rear dash cam as well as the front dash cam. So, for those who need the best front and rear dash cam in less budget, it can be the one, because everything that you may need the device OUMAX Dual Dash Cam can offer you.

It has everything like it captures every video at Full HD and it has the G-Sensor, Super Excellent Night Vision, and 4.3inch High-Resolution LCD Display. It means it can offer you a wide range of very excellent features, so let’s check out the complete review of the OUMAX Dual Dash Cam below.

OUMAX Dual Dash Cam “Review And Buyer’s Guide”

OUMAX Dual Dash Cam Review

Picture-in-picture Display – If we are talking about the OUMAX Dual Dash Cam, then the Picture-in-Picture mode is one of the most interesting features of this dash camera front and rear

By the Picture-in-Picture mode, we can watch front and rear both the views on the display at the same time on toggles.

The one-button switch can toggle the display of the two views in either the full screen or the inset window respectively, or turn off the picture-in-picture display and The Front view and rear view videos are displayed on the screen in a picture-in-picture appearance.

So, it is one of the best features of this device by which we can keep an focus on front and rear both the view at the same time.

Motion detection – The another best feature of this best dash cam 2019 that increase the security level to allow us to feel more protective and security around us.

Just because of the motion detection, in standby status, you can switch the camera to motion detection mode. The device will enter into recording once camera observes the moved objection. It stops recording if no objection moved for 5s.  

So, by this feature you don’t need to start the recording manually, even the dash cam front and rear will automatically start recording whenever it detects any moving object.

OUMAX Dual Lens Dash Cam Review

Crash Detection – It is the best feature or we can say the another best Sensor, called G-Sensor by which the detects every sudden or accidental activity or any sudden change in position, and then it locks and saves the currently recorded files.

Highly-sensitive G-sensor powered automatic video recording and video file locking when a collision or crash is detected.

So, these are the features that make this device much better than other available options, and as it does not cost too much, so also we can call this device the best budget dash cam.

More Exciting Features Of OUMAX Dual Dash Cam

OUMAX Dual Lens Dash Cam

  • Parking Monitoring
  • Dual-lens Camera Design
  • Seamless Video Recording
  • Seamless Video Recording
  • HD 720P Front View Video Recording
  • 480P Rear View Video Recording
  • Blue Anti-Glare Coating Rear View Mirror

Final Words About The OUMAX Dual Dash Cam

So, this was all about the OUMAX Dual Dash Cam, and we hope after reading this complete review you found it helpful to you. And now you can visit the to check out the reviews and rating on this device.

And folks if you are looking for the best front and rear dash cam that can fit in your budget, then trust me the OUMAX Dual Dash Cam can be the best and ideal dash camera front and rear. And you can go for this device without any if or but.