Last Updated: June, 17 2019

Magellan Super HD Front Dash Camera Review

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So, today we have one more excellent device for you, the Magellan Super HD Dash Camera. It is the best available option for those who are looking for the best dash cam 2019. Because we have reviewed many dash cam, but no one is offering such amazing features that this device offering to its users.

Well, to know more about the Magellan Super HD Dash Camera, you just ought to read out the complete review till the end. And trust me you will get this review helpful to you, because if you are investing your money in a product then you need to consider everything. So, just read out the review carefully to know everything about the device.

Magellan Super HD Dash Camera “Detailed Review”

Magellan Super HD Front Dash Camera

Impact Recording – It is the most amazing feature of this device because provide the security in a proper manner. Because if we are buying a dash cam then security the first reason for which we are paying.

Then with Magellan Super HD Dash Camera, you will some very useful and excellent features that can allow you to feel protective every time.

So, the first main feature of this device is the Impact Recording that makes this device more than smart. So the 3-Axis G- Sensor measures forces and movement and locks video recording data 15 seconds prior to the event and 50 seconds after upon impact.

Just because of the G-Sensor the device detects every sudden activity and it will lock and save the currently recorded file for the evidence purpose.

And all recordings display GPS location using latitude and longitude, time and speed for accurate event recording. The device comes with the built-in GPS logger by which you will able to detect the vehicle on Google Map.

So, this is one of the smartest features of this device that is really amazing and helpful too.

High-Resolution Super HD Recording – Well if you are thinking about the video quality of the Magellan Super HD Dash Camera, then be relaxed and tension free.

Because the device is completely able to shoot every video at Full HD Resolution. So you don’t need to be the worry about the video and image quality of the device.

The Magellan Super HD Dash Camera records all video in Super HD (1296p) resolution for crystal clear images.

And the cameras’ aperture (f\1.8) and built-in Wide Dynamic Range feature produce excellent night and low light recording.

So, with this device front dash cam you don’t need to worry about the night mode because the device supports the WDR technology that adjusts the light exposure according to the lighting condition to create the perfectly balanced and brighter videos even in the low-light condition or in the night also.

Well, the device comes with the lots of latest technology to perform excellently, and trust, after buying the device you will get it worthy and it will never let you down with the performance.

Magellan Super HD Dash Camera

Cruise Speed Alarm – The another best feature of this best front dash cam is, Cruise Speed Alarm. Just because of this amazing feature whenever you cross the safe limit of speed, so you will get an audible and visual alarm warning.

Audible and visual alarms to help you maintain safe driving speeds, it is the best feature for the security purpose. And just because of Cruise Speed Alarm feature whenever you cross the 65-speed limit you will get a warning message from the device.

Lane Departure Warning – There are a lot of reasons to buy the Magellan Super HD Dash Camera, and the Lane Departure Warning is one of them.

It is one of the most amazing and important features for the security purpose, with this feature, the Visual and audible warning notifies the driver if they are wandering out of their lane.

So, whenever the driver wandering out of their lane, the device will give a warning message on the screen, that is perfectly audible and visual.

Some More Exciting Features Of Magellan Super HD Dash Camera

Magellan Super HD Dash Camera Review
  • Rotating Camera
  • Parking Mode Motion Detection
  • Forward Collision Warning
  • Parking Mode Motion Detection
  • 2.7” Hi-Definition Display
  • Enhanced Low Light Performance
  • Included 8GB SD Card

Final Words About The Magellan Super HD Dash Camera

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