Last Updated: June, 18 2019

KDLINKS DX2 is one of the most trusted and well-known in nowadays.

And if we are talking about the best front and rear dash cam, then it is the first name that came to the mind.

So, we decided to review this best front and rear dash cam here on thereviewsguide, for our readers.

Well, in nowadays the best front and rear dash cam is one of the perfect security options for anyone who drives a car in his/her day to day lives. 

Because it can allow us to keeps an eye on every single activity near our car, by which we can detect the sudden happens.

So, to provide you the best options for the best dash cam front and rear, we have shared a complete researched list of best front and rear dash cam. In which we have shared the top #10 front and rear dash cam.

Well, folks, let’s come back to the point and let’s talk about the KDLINKS DX2. 

KDLINKS DX2 is the only name that can provide you the genuine features and latest technology at this price. And it will never let you feel down.

Well, let’s scroll down the page to check out the complete review and all the features of this best dual dash cam.

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The Complete Review & The Buyer’s Guide To KDLINKS DX2

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Superior Video Quality:- As we know that it is a dual dash cam, then you are going to get 2 lens system (Front+Rear). Both the cameras are more than amazing in quality. 

Both the cameras will shoot every single footage at Full-HD Video 1920*1080 resolution at 30 fps. It means you will get the clearer video every time.

So, every activity near your car, will be recorded at HD resolution, so, you don’t need to be the worry about the video quality of the KDLINKS DX2 dual dash cam.


Wide Angle Lens:- KDLINKS DX2 is one of the best dual dash cams, that has every single feature with the latest technology.

And, in the sequence of features and technology, the KDLINKS DX2 have such super wide lens 165° + 125° angle.

Just, because of the wide angle lenses, the KDLINKS DX2 is able to capture the real wide area near your car.

Superior Night-vision:- This is the most important part of a camera.  Because almost every camera can perform better in daylight, but what about the low light situation. 

And, I saw many dash cam those are not that much night performer compared to the daylight performance.

But, with the KDLINKS DX2, you will amazing night-vision. And it will perform superbly in the low light situation also.

Because it has the world-class F1.6 Six-Glass lenses, and unique dashcam WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) video system (Similar to HDR technology in Camera), and just because of these features it is able to shoot clearer videos in the night also.

G-Sensor:- Emergency Lock Button & Accident Auto Detection Feature (G-Sensor) can lock current video file for you. 

By the G-Sensor, the KDLINKS DX2 will detect every sudden happen or accidental activities and it will automatically save the current recorded file for safety or evidence purpose.

Additional Features:- Besides all the above features the KDLINKS DX2 has a Large 3″ screen and the super slim design.

And this dash cam comes to you with a 16GB micro SD card. It means it is just ready to use right out of the box.

Also, this dual dash cam has a high-quality Li-polymer 3.7v 110mah battery, that can bear high/low temperature, with official MSDS report and the most strict PONY Lab Certificate.
So, this was all about the the KDLINKS DX2, and I hope now there is nothing left to share about this dash cam.
And now you may check out more dash cams like The APEMAN Dash CamRexing V1P, and the Falcon Zero F360 those are just similar to this one in terms of features and price.And then you can take a better decision that where to invest your money.

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Final Words About The KDLINKS DX2

So, now, we have shared almost everything about the KDLINKS DX2 dual dash cam, and now you can buy this best front and rear dash cam without any if or but. 

It is the best dash cam front and rear that can provide you the best features and latest technology, to serve you the best.

Now, you can visit the from the given button below, from where you can purchase this cool dash cam for your car.

And, also there you will be able to check out the rating and reviews of this best front and rear dash cam from the users.

After using this best front and rear dash cam do share your experience with us, and also give your feedback about our reviews. Cheers!