Last Updated: April, 16 2018

ITRUE X6D is the well-known name in the category of dual lens car dash cams. And whenever anybody thinks to buy the best front and rear dash cam, then it is the first name that came to the mind.

Just because of the quality features and latest world-class technology it is going to be the first choice of every dual dash cam lover.

The ITRUE X6D has everything, to let you feel protected while driving your car because it will allow you keep an eye on a wide area near your car.

Well, folks, let me know you one thing, that it is our most selling product from our complete list of Top #10 Best Front And Rear Dash Cam.

And users are very happy with the features and performance of this best dash cam front and rear. Even the users are directly recommending this dual lens dash cam to their friends and loved ones.

So, guys, you can trust this gadget without any if or but, or just for your convenience we are going to share the detailed review of the ITRUE X6D Dual Dash Cam.

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Complete Review & Buyer’s Guide To The ITRUE X6D Dual Dash Cam

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Superb Design:- Well, design and looks are the first impressions, and if a product has an ugly design then, I don’t think that anybody can invest his/her money in that product. 

But, as we are talking about the ITRUE X6D Dual Dash Cam then, it’s superb design can impress anyone with the first look.

It’s unique triangle and stealth configuration keeps X6D superbly fit engineering and aesthetic. 

And the innovative round edge configuration influences this dashboard camera to touch delicately.

So, this dual dash cam has a unique and eye-catching design, that will let you feel a perfect uniqueness and royalty.

Excellent Video Quality And Wide Angle Lens:- If we are talking about a camera, then the video quality and lens are the main part that we need more than awesome.

Because if we are investing our money in a camera then it must have the good camera quality. Then, here with the ITRUE X6D, you don’t need to be the worry about the camera performance. Because with this dual lens car dash cam every video will be shooted at the Full-HD 1080P resolution to provide you the perfectly clearer footage all the time.

Besides the excellent camera performance, the ITRUE X6D has such the 170°Wide Angle lens in front and rear both cameras. And 170°Wide Angle lens is able enough to capture a real wide area around your car. So whenever you drive your car, then you should focus on your drive or nothing els. And, your device will capture everything for you.

Just because of the excellent video qulity this device can be very helpful for you if you are planning a road trip with your friends because it will give you the proper memories for every scene of the road.

And it is also very useful for the evidence or low purpose because it creates proper evidence of every accidental activity or every sudden happen on the road.


G-Sensor, & Auto-locking:- The another best feature of the ITRUE X6D is the built-in G-Sensor, it is the most useful feature of this device that make the ITRUE X6D the best dash cam ever.

Well, the ITRUE X6D has inbuilt G-Sensor and auto locking system by which it will detect every sudden happen and accidental activity, and it will automatically lock and save the currently recorded file for security and evidence purpose.

This feature is one of the best parts of this dual lens car dash cam, because just because of the G-Sensor whenever the device detects an unexpected change in the position or a sudden activity with the car, the device locks the currently recording file immediately to give you the proper evidence for the low purpose.

So, these are some of the really smart features that are making this device more than smart and, that is why the ITRUE X6D is getting popular day by day between its users.

WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) and GPS Compatible:- I saw many car dash cam those can perform well in daylight, but what about the low-light or night vision?

If you have the same question in your mind, then be relaxed because the device is just engineered to perform excellently in any condition, so it will perform well in the day-light as well as in night or in the low-light situation also.

The ITRUE X6D is one of the best fronts and rear dash cams, that can perform excellently in low-light situation or in the night also to allow you the perfect security around you even in the night also. 

Because it supports the WDR technology by which it will capture the best light exposure between different objects.

Besides the superior night mode, it is the GPS (Global Positioning System) Compatible dual dash cam, by which your car can be detected from anywhere on goole map, so it is one more amazing feature that you will get with the ITRUE X6D Dash Cam.

Now, we have shared everything about this dual dash cam and now you can take the better decision to invest your money in this dash cam or not.

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Final Words About The ITRUE X6D Dual Lens Car Dash Cam

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Well, folks, in terms of the features and technology, this dash cam front and rear is one of the most trusted names, having the latest and world-class technology.

And it is able to give you the excellent camera performance and perfect security around you.

Now, you can go with this dual dash cam without any if or but. And trust me guys, it will never let you down in terms of performance.

So, now you can visit the from the given button below, where you can check out the rating and review of this dual dash cam from the users.

Well, now I would like to thanks to all of you to visit here and to read this article, I hope you liked this review. And do not forget to share your feedback on this front and rear dash cam.

And if you have any query about any dash cam then let us know by commenting below in the comment section.