Published on: September 01, 2019
Last Updated: March, 24 2022

Buying a car is a big moment for anyone in their life. Regardless of whether you’re buying a luxury vehicle or something more affordable, everyone wants to take care of their cars. Cars, even the cheapest ones, still cost a decent amount of money.

As safe as you want to keep your car, there are many dangers out there driving on the road. There’s always the potential for some human error that can potentially damage your vehicle. Drivers can also run into road-rage scenarios that are likely even more dangerous. A critical device that could help protect you from any unpleasant situation is the new dashcam.

If you’re not already familiar with dashcams, these are specialist video cameras that fit inside your car. Modern dash cams support both front and rear video recording. What was once a YouTuber fad is now a vital tool for road safety.

Recent car driving statistics reveal that in the U.S alone, there are thousands of accidents every year. Of course, driving in modern times requires you to have car insurance, and they’ll cover the damage. However, having a dashcam can help ascertain what went wrong relatively quickly.

Dash cams are unobtrusive and continually record while you drive. While facing any unpleasant situation on the road, this can help you file the encounter. In cases of severe rage road, the dashcam will help you gain evidence against any assault against you or your vehicle.

The front and rear surveillance is an incredibly useful thing to have in your car. Hit and run incidents are among the most infuriating accidents in the world. Especially when it happens while you aren’t present in your vehicle, with a dashcam, you can document the occurrence and have clear evidence to present if necessary.

Dashcams should necessarily be a modern necessity. Aside from being a protectionary device, dashcams can serve as a learning mechanism as well. Newer drivers can analyze their footage in an attempt to improve their driving skills. Dashcams provide clear HD video and are easily accessible as well.

So regardless of whether you’re buying a new car or still driving your old car, getting a dashcam is incredibly beneficial. For those who lack experience in dealing with cameras, this presents another issue. Dash cams are no longer a niche market, and there are several options available.

Each company offers something different with its dashcam. Every driver has a different requirement. A long-distance lorry driver may want more battery. A regular city driver may prefer recording quality over total memory. Absolutely nobody wants to invest in a dashcam that doesn’t do the job correctly.

You could do your research, and locate the best dash cams online. However, you could save yourself a lot of time just by reading through this list. Here are the very best Dashcams money can buy:

Best Choice
BlackVue DR900S-2CH

BlackVue is a name that’s going to pop up again on this list. They’re particularly adept at creating brilliant dash cams. The DR900S is a fantastic camera to buy for your car. The camera came out in 2018 and is the first 4k dashcam. The two-directional recording feature is incredibly useful.

The front camera records video in 4K quality at 30 fps. It also provides the option to log in 1080p at 60 fps. Both forms of recording have their benefits. 4K recording has much more quality, and every single pixel is perfection. The 1080p mode allows for more detail and smoother video playback. The higher framerate is incredibly beneficial.

The rear recording offers 1080p at 60 fps. The camera makes of the Sony Stravis image sensor, allowing for high-quality video recording in any lighting. There will be plenty of moments where you’re driving through areas that aren’t well lit. A dashcam needs to perform adequately in all lighting scenarios.

Another distinct advantage the DR900S has is the wider viewing angle. It records videos at an angle of 162 degrees. The wider viewing angle allows for a greater area you can capture. The more space you can see, the easier it is to obtain evidence of close calls. The higher quality also makes reviewing footage easier.

Additionally, the DR900S features a few incredibly nifty wireless features. Firstly, the inclusion of a 5ghz Wi-Fi band offers higher transfer speed than any other competitor. Secondly, their BlackVue cloud service is the most competent in the industry. It allows you to view live footage and previous footage. The GPS in the camera also enables you to make use of it as a tracker.

If you’re looking for a new dashcam, that offers the highest quality video, then the DR900S is the best choice. It packs a considerable amount of features in a gorgeous design. BlackVue’s top of the line dashcam is genuinely worthy of the top spot on this list.

Premium Choice
Street Guardian SG9663DCPRO

Street guardian is a fitting name for this brilliant front and rear dashcam. The SG9663DCPRO offers 1080p recording for both front and rear cameras. The Street Guardian is incredibly reliable. Once you install this dash cam in your car, you can feel safe knowing it’s always going to have your back.

One of the best features in the Street Guardian is the massive 512GB memory. The amount of memory allows for 37 hours of continuous recording. The easy save feature also saves you a lot of hassle.

Modern dash cams each come with a g sensor. The g sensor once it activates, prompts the camera to save whatever video was recording. This process can help you quickly identify any vandalism, that occurs around your car.

Street Guardian doesn’t have the modern features of other dash cams. However, what it focuses is on is the bare essentials which are; reliability, quality, and accessibility. The dashcam is very user-friendly. The 2” inch touchscreen allows you to set up the camera and navigate the settings easily.

Additionally, the Street Guardian also has a time-lapse parking mode. The time-lapse parking mode is a feature in new dash cams that saves a considerable amount of memory. One drawback is that to make continuous use of the mode; you’ll need to buy a hard-wiring kit. The name of the equipment is SGDCHW and costs around 30$. The kit allows you to install the camera without fear of accidentally depleting the battery of the car.

All in all, the Street Guardian is a brilliant all-round performer. The dashcam provides a combination of quality, accessibility, and reliability that is among the very best in the industry. The Wi-Fi support adds the potential for more modern features to come with firmware updates.

However, its lack of modern feature is what confines the Street Guardian to second place on this list.

Valuable Choice
Auto Vox A1

The Auto Vox A1 is a brilliant invention. If you like the idea of futuristic rearview mirrors, you’re going to love this device. The design of the Auto Vox is incredibly unique; it’s necessarily a 2 in 1 product. It’s a front/rear dashcam and a rear-view mirror.

The rearview mirror can also connect with the reverse camera in your car. The process makes use of simple wiring, so it isn’t hard to set up. However, once you have it set up, you’ll gain a great advantage. The rearview camera allows you to view objects behind you in great detail.

Furthermore, the front camera, in particular, is very high quality. The camera offers to record in 1080p at 30 fps. The condition allows you to every single detail you need to on the road. Furthermore, you can turn the camera around completely.

Yes indeed, the front camera offers 360-degree rotation. You can use this feature to point the camera at the cabin whenever you require. The swivel allows you to point the camera inside the cabin. It comes particularly handy if you have an unexpected roadside interference.

The Auto Vox A1 being a full-fledge, the rear-view mirror offers a larger viewing platform than most other dash cams. The large screen allows for straightforward user interference. You can control all the settings by tapping the screen. The touch screen is incredibly responsive and easy to navigate through.

The cost is relatively decent, as well. Rear-view mirrors like these would typically cost somewhere in the four-figure region. Nowadays, the price is much more reasonable — an incredibly futuristic option for someone looking to keep their car safe.

SOLIOM G1 380° Full Angle Car Dash Cam Dual

Soliom G1 dash camera adopts the new seamless video joint technology with a front angle of 380° for a broader view. Moreover, G1 dashboard camera has a strong dual Sunplus 6350A processors and dual Sony Exmor IMX323 sensors with 6 fixed lenses f/2.0 gap. They ensure to capture the front and inside cameras simultaneously with road front and inside the cabin of 190° in crystal clear details.

Equally important, soliom car security DVR camera has an enlarged cooling pin going up to 3.4 times of heat dissipation capability than normal car cameras. Similarly, there are more cooling holes on the surface to help airflow. The 24 hours parking monitor mode makes the dual dash camera power up automatically to record a video clip when there’s an accident. Therefore, it remains idle during the period of inactivity and starts recording automatically when there is a movement within the 190° front camera.

Furthermore, the time-lapse function can record movements that take place and edit them together and save Sd card (supports up to 128GB micro SD cards) space greatly. Likewise, seamless loop recording overwrites the oldest footage with the newest upon filling a card to capacity. Also, the G-sensor auto detects a sudden accident and locks the footage to “Event File” to prevent it from an overwrite.

Soliom G1 acts outside the box as it is the only dash camera that captures day action to the sides of your vehicle adequately.

Highlighting Features

➔ Safer for extremely hot weather
➔ Broader 380° parking monitor
➔ Sony IMX323 and 6 camera lens
➔ Take care of your cabin rear seat

Nextbase 422GW

The Nextbase 422GW Dashcam is an excellent option for anyone looking to buy a reliable dashcam. Jam-packed with features this device is sure to please those desiring the most modern features. The dashcam has a mini HDMI output that you can use to connect any of three rearview cameras.

The front camera offers video recording in QHD, boasting 1440p at 30 fps. You can also adjust the settings to change the video quality. The camera is capable of taking video at 1080p quality at both 30 and 60 fps. While the front camera can compete with the best of them, the rearview camera doesn’t offer the same class.

Each rearview camera costs an extra $100. The three rear cameras offer very different viewing angles. One provides a view of the cabin, the other goes on the rear windshield, and the last one is especially interesting. Nextbase offers a unique telephoto rearview camera that gives you much better viewing distance. The only drawback to the rear camera’s is that they provide only 720p recording.

When it comes to modern features, the 422GW is king of the lot. Aside from offering a support app, GPS, and a touchscreen, the 422GW also has Alexa. Amazon’s game-changing A.I makes an appearance in this very innovative device.

Furthermore, another beneficial feature is the emergency alert system. The dashcam has impact sensors that judge the severity of the impact. If the sensors detect enough damage, the dashcam will alert the emergency authorities. They’ll also provide the emergency authorities with your GPS location. Features like these go a long way in ensuring your safety. If it wasn’t for the add on cameras and their 720- quality, the 422GW has the potential to be much higher on the list.

Rexing V1P

The Rexing V1P is among the sleekest and unobtrusive dash cams. Their minimal styling helps the camera blend into the car quickly. If you set up the camera correctly, there’s a big chance no one will even notice the placement.

The front-facing camera offers full HD video capture at 30 fps. While the rear camera only offers 720p recording. The Sony starvis sensor helps ensure the camera performs optimally in low light situations. However, the performance of the rearview camera in low lighting leaves a lot to be desired.

Furthermore, instead of using a traditional battery, the Rexing V1P uses a superc apacitor. The presence of super capacitor ensures that battery life is more reliable. The front-facing camera also offers a 170-degree viewing angle. It allows you to record a broader range of area. It’s especially useful when it comes to recording close calls.

The Rexing V1P also has several modern features. The parking mode will start recording video when it senses any vibrations. Furthermore, the device also offers over the app transfer.

The V1P is a fantastic dashcam. It offers a brilliant variety of features for an incredibly competitive price. If it weren’t for the low-quality rear camera and the average night vision performance, the position of the dash cam on this list would be higher.

Blackvue DR750S-2CH

Blackvue DR750S is an older model in comparison to DR900S. However, it’s still a brilliant dashcam. It offers a lot of excellent features for a relatively low price point. Both front and rear cameras provide 1080p recording at 30 and 60 fps.

The dashcam offers proximity sensors in both the front and rear cameras. In case of any excess vibrations, the cameras will start recording immediately. One caveat with the DR750S is that there is no screen. There being no screen ensures that the camera looks very discrete.

Furthermore, due to constant updates, wifi and cloud support has become much better. An additional feature provides an optional GPS logger. By purchasing this feature, you can effectively make use of the GPS logger software. The software allows you to track your car live and relive your route information.

Blackvue is a company that has proven credentials in the dashcam industry. The newer cameras might be flashier but, the DR750S is still one of the best dash cams on the market.

Mini 0906

Not everyone can afford to spend a significant amount of money on a dashcam. The Mini 0906 is a decent little front and rear dash cam that anyone can purchase. There’s no compromise on video quality, however — both the front and rear camera capture video in 1080p quality that records at 30 fps.

The device also comes with a CPL filter that reduces windshield reflection. The mini also has a GPS receiver that allows you to track the car through GPS logging software. This level of technological features is rare at this price point.

Additionally, the Mini has 1.5” inch display that helps make everything more comfortable to use. You can navigate through the settings and choose whatever suits your requirement. The screen also allows you to playback video from the storage.

The Mini offers SD card support up to 128 GB. With maximum storage, you get eleven hours of recording time. You are going to have to buy an external memory card because the one that ships with the camera are only 16 GB.

The Mini 0906 is an excellent budget dashcam, and it offers a combination of modern features and quality that you usually get at higher price points. This dashcam is the perfect option for people looking to get extra protection for a minimal price.

  • Slightly unreliable
  • Low battery
  • Pros:
    Great price
  • Incredibly discrete
  • Good quality video