Published on: October 23, 2018
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First, let me clear your doubt that every front and rear dash cam isn’t dual lens cam. Dual cameras have 2 lenses, which record front and rear view spontaneously and front and rear have a single lens. Most users get confused between the dual lens and a single lens (front and rear). Dash camera has become more ubiquitous gadget among all drivers of this era. Almost drivers use dash cam to fix it on the front windshield for recording.

But there are some which can also use for recording from the rear of your vehicle. These are optimum for both front and rear recording.

I’m presenting you with the list of outstanding Top rated front and rear dash cam available on market.

Device Name ’Video Quality’ Rating Price  

Best Choice
Vanture X3 Wifi Front and rear dash cam

Vantrue X3 is a Super HD with excellent quality Dash Camera. It has all the features that you are looking for in a dash-cam and still does not cost as much. Super compact camera that you can install on the windscreen quickly and it will not obstruct anything. It has a 170-degree wide angle which makes possible to capture up to 4 lanes of traffic. A super HDR night vision that lets you record the small details that are easy to miss when driving at night. The sensors and parking mode is legit features. And the auto LCD off feature is also a great option. These help to make this a fantastic dash cam.


  • Auto on-off
  • Wi-Fi Availability for transferring multimedia
  • HDR night vision
  • Video Quality: HD


  • Motion Detectors
  • Wide Range with 170 degree
  • Automatic Features
  • Loop Recording
  • Wi-Fi


  • Battery isn’t long lasting
Premium Choice
Garmin dash cam

The 55 is a well-known all-rounder in the market. And it has discrete feature factors with excellent video quality. It also offers integrated GPS and voice commands. The Garmin Cam 55 also includes a g-sensor to automatically save video when a collision is detected, and the magnetic mounting system means the camera can be fitted to your windscreen in just a few seconds. The system of Garmin’s menu isn’t specifically intuitive. And it provides you all of the options of regular use. Our only flaw is the short 30-minute battery life. That means you’ll need to plug into the lighter socket for all but the shortest of journeys.


  • Voice Command
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Video Quality: Normal


  • GPS with voice command
  • Mounting Attachment
  • Better video quality


  • Bad battery life
Valuable Choice
AUKEY Dash Cam

This is a single-lens camera perfect for front and rear recording that makes use of Sony Exmore sensor. It captures video in 1080p full HD that means more pixels for reading license plate numbers and visible video shots at night too. With an expanded view of 170 degrees, you will get to capture more lanes without distortion. Moreover, the front and rear dash cam support 4 different recording modes such as emergency, time-lapse, motion detection and continuous. This cam is also compatible with class 10+ micro SD card with a capacity of up to 128GB. In addition to this, the card gives higher writing speed and recording time of up to 40 hours.


  • More pixels for reading number plates
  • Wide angle range
  • Night vision


  • 4 different modes of recording
  • Parking
  • SD card
  • Good Battery


  • Not external SD card option
Vantrue X1 Car Dash Cam

Vantrue X1 comes in a mini size which is perfect for your car. It is stealthy enough to mount on your car at all times. Moreover, it records video in 1080p full HD. And it has a super night vision mode that captures smaller details at night. This dash camera has also expanded the view of 170 degrees capable of capturing up to 4 lanes of traffic. In addition to this, there’s a front and rear dash cam with parking mode that’s triggered by a motion detector effective up to 13 feet away. This cam supports loop recording too that displaces the old footage with a new one once the card is filled to capacity. You’ll be able to get a recording time of up to 20 hours, support up to 64GB micro SD cards.

Specification of X1:

  • LCD In-Car Dashboard Camera
  • DVR Video Recorder with G-Sensor
  • Parking Mode
  • Video Quality: HDR & Super Night Vision


  • Excellent night vision
  • Audio recording availability
  • Expanding viewing angle with wide display


  • No proper attaching or support
OldShark 3 Dash Cam

OldShark is one of the pocket-friendly eyewitnesses that never disappoints. And it is on the half the cost of most dash cams. Moreover, you get impressive features that are beyond its price range. However, Recording is done in 1080p full HD with a night vision support. That makes use of infrared technology. A lens of 4-glass provides a wider angle  of 140 degrees to let you coverage more. There’s a vibration detection feature ideal for parking. And also loop recording mode to ensure you capture every moment. This dash cam includes 8GB SD card. But it is also capable of supporting cards with up to 32GB of storage.


  • Wide Angle Recording
  • Night Vision
  • Parking Guard Loop
  • WDR G-Sensor
  • Video Quality: 1080p


  • Excellent Parking Security
  • Low power consumption
  • Widescreen display
  • Amazing video quality


  • Buttons which are difficult to press
Rexing V1

For a stealthy rear dash cam, the Rexing V1P is excellent. In addition to this, another perk is this dash camera is incredibly simple to install. The V1P helps to take superior coverage at night with the help of WDR technology. That technology provides it the ability to adjust for various lighting conditions automatically. First, the camera is priced at just under $130, which puts it around the mid-grade price point. And it gives a few optional features to go along with its rear coverage capabilities. The discreet design is the favorites in the “stealth” category. Once this thing is all set up, which doesn’t take long at all, it is a ‘set it and forget it’ type of camera. Moreover, it has a loop recording features, and a G sensor allows it to detect accidents automatically and lock in any necessary footage. Moreover, the Rexing V1P offers an excellent camera with some excellent additional features at a very reasonable price. Therefore, it is perfect for drivers who want complete protection.


  • Stealthy and Discreet Design
  • Fair Price
  • WDR Technology
  • Video Quality: Excellent


  • Excellent video quality
  • Lightning Detector
  • Loop Recording with G sensor


  • No parking mode

Things & Features to Consider: Before Buying Front + Rear Dashcam

The Brand Name:

First, let me know you that I am not a fan of big names, and I always prefer the quality instead of the brand name. There must be excellent technology and well-known name if the point is security.

So, if we are buying the best front and rear dash cam with night vision, then we should go for the trusted one. Because, a branded product can charge a little bit higher than the cheap product, but you will get genuine features and excellent technology.

That’s why we choose all the perfect front and rear dash cam 2018 – 2019 with some well-reputed names, and their brands are the real giant in the industry for a long while. So, you can trust the product and quality.

Compare The Similar Products:

This is a terrific way to get the finest product, whenever we purchase a product, we should compare similar products, to get the best one.

Because by comparing the two or more similar items we can choose the terrific one in terms of quality and best budget cam.

And, while buying the car dash camera front and rear, you ought to compare some most important things, like camera quality, night mode, sensors, and technology that you will be served.

And after that, we can take a better decision and we choose the outstanding one for us, by comparing the similar items not only we can get the first-class product even we can save our money too.

Reviews & Rating:

Reviews and Rating of the product is one of the perfect things, to get a perfect idea about the features and performance of the product.

Because, by reading the reviews carefully, you may get everything about the product that you are going to buy. As above, we reviewed the top #6 outstanding front and back dash cam 2019, then, to choose the perfect one for you, you should read the reviews carefully.

And after that, you must have to check out the rating of the product on, and you can visit

If you reached the perfect place to read out the review of a product and you found some ideal reviews. You can get every small fact about the products. So, to know some useful and real things about your chosen product, you should check out the reviews first.

Because by reading the detailed review of a particular product you may get everything about any product.

Price of The Product:

Doesn’t matter we are buying a front and rear dash cam or anything else, price matters a lot. Because, we all know very well that, in nowadays earning money is one of the toughest tasks. Therefore, when we buying something we have to try to save our money.

Some people think that to get the premium quality we always need to pay more. But, according to me, to get the super quality we need to do perfect research.

Minimum, select 2-3 products that come in your budget’s basket. And then compare the price and other things of those products, then choose the perfect one. Moreover, money can be saved. And you will also get an excellent product for sure.

So these are some of the most important things that you should consider before buying the leading dash camera for your car. It depends on you that what you need for dash cam with rear camera, but according to me, these are the main things that we have to check out properly.

So, now I am going to talk about the features that you should check out before buying any front and rear dash cam. Because features are the only thing, that can make our device better than others. So, let’s check out some of the super features that your chosen device must have.

Features and Specs:

Superb Night Mode:

It is one of the most important things to me that need. It supports HD video coverage if it has a good lens. Moreover, it can also give you well quality in sunlight or in full lightning condition. But what about the night?

Whenever I talk about a camera, I always put this question first. It doesn’t matter I am buying two-way way dashboard camera or a normal camera for photography.

For those who don’t know too much about the technology and who didn’t read my above review carefully. Let me know you one thing, that to know about the night mode of a camera. You just have to check out that the device supports WDR technology or not.

Because WDR is the technology, that adjusts the light exposure automatically to create brighter and perfectly balanced images and footage.

So, it is the most important feature you should consider while or before buying the best dash cam front and rear.


If a front and rear dash cam have the G-sensor then we can say it is one of the finest dash cameras. Because G-Sensor can be a very helpful sensor for you.

If a moving object came to the range of your dashboard cam then just because of the G-Sensor. The camera will capture that view automatically because G-Sensor detects the motion very perfectly to create perfectly balanced images and footages.

It is the most useful feature for the evidence purpose also. Because it detects every accidental activity and saves the currently recorded file for the evidence and low purpose.

So, G-Sensor is one of the matchless features that you should check out properly while buying a windshield cam front and rear for your car.

Video Quality:

One of the most important things that a windshield cam front and rear camera must have in a proper manner. If you need one of the outstanding dash cams for you, then you must have to know about the video quality of your chosen device.

Moreover, you can also check out my above list. All the front and rear dash cam support the super HD quality to capture the real and decent view to give you the perfect detailed view of every scene.

If a cam is able to capture the full HD video at least 720P resolution then you can go with that device because it will never let you down in terms of picture quality.

Rexing V1LG, The APEMAN Dash Cam, BlackSys CH-100B and Z-EDGE S3 Dual Dashboard Cam are some of the premium front and rear dash cam that can provide you every single feature that a 2 camera dash cam needs to be the best device.

Well, my dear readers, this was the finest buyer’s guide to all of you. And I would like to request you that if you planning to buy a terrific best dash cam front and rear 2019 for you, then you can choose anyone from above list but do not forget to check out these things that I have shared.

Why this List is great for you?

This is the most common question that we should answer. Then my dear friends, while searching for the best front and rear dash cams of 2019, I found some expensive products, those are not too good in quality and the companies are just focusing on their income instead of quality product.

So, I read lots of articles about the best car cam 2019 edition. I found that some cams are also really good in terms of quality. And, I recommend these top of line front and rear dash cams to my friends and team members.

After that, they gave me their feedback about front and rear dash cam. I presented you with the above list.

As I mentioned above that I always prefer the quality instead of the expensive products, so you can trust on these devices. You can go for any one of these, that fits your budget, and trust me you will never disappoint.

I have shared all the products (front and rear dash cam) just because of the quality that they are offering an excellent user review. You can check out these supreme dash cam that records front and rear on the too. And you will see they all have excellent user’s feedback as well as the higher rating too.

Why you need a Perfect FRONT AND *REAR* Cam “Real Facts”?

Well, after reviewing the top #6 front and rear dash cam, now we are going to tell you that why you need a dash-board camera for your car.

A windshield cam is not just a camera only. Even it will also do a great job on your car, to let you feel better and secure. The main purpose of buying a dash camera front and rear is to record videos while driving. But a front and rear dashcam can offer you much more things even it is much above than your expectations.

Let’s talk about the working of the best front and rear camera.

The very first thing that I loved about the car’s cam is, it will capture every scenery of the road while driving. And just because of a camera we can capture our road trip for the memories. We can check out the videos anytime. Therefore, a simple dash cam can collect the memories for us, to give us a bunch of sweet moments.

Besides collecting the memories, a dash cam front and rear can allow you to feel secure and protective while driving your car. It is a perfect gadget for every girl or women, who need to drive their car on a daily basis. Because a hidden dash cam front and rear can collect evidence for every happening with the car or near the car.

So, it can be the perfect security gadget for everyone. Then, folks, I thought we should use a camera in our car. It does not cost too much but it works very much. So, now the turn is yours, and you have to take a decision to buy a car’s cam or not.

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