Last Updated: June, 17 2019

Hey everyone, welcome again here on thereviewsguide, where today, we came with an amazing car dash cam Falcon Zero Touch PRO.

After sharing a wide range of best dash cam 2019, and their detailed reviews. Now, we are going to review the Falcon Zero Touch PRO.

It is the only device that can offer you such a wide range of amazing features and latest technologies.

So, if you are looking for the best front dash cam. Then you can go for this best dash cam without any if or but.

The Falcon Zero Touch PRO has lots of amazing features and the camera is capable enough to perform excellently in your car.

So, below, we are sharing the complete review of this dashboard camera, below, you will get all the features of Falcon Zero Touch PRO dash cam.

Before going to share anything about this best front dash cam, let me know you one more thing, that for those who need the best dash cam front and rear.

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So, now let’s get ready to check out the detailed review of Falcon Zero Touch PRO Car Dash Cam.

Falcon Zero Touch PRO Dash Cam “Review & Buyer’s Guide”

Falcon Zero Touch PRO

Full HD Video Resolution – Video quality is the most important thing, that we should consider while buying a dashboard camera.

Well, the Falcon Zero Touch PRO offering you an extreme clarity, so, never miss a license plate, sign name, or detail with 30 frames per second, and 1920 x 1080P Full HD resolution.

With this best front dash cam get the extremely clear videos every time, to get the detailed of the road while driving your car.

170 Degree Wide Angle Lens – The device offering you a wide angle lens that captures a wide area of the road, to give you the proper evidence of every happening or every scenery of the road.

The Touch PRO HD implements superior 6-element aspherical glass lens, 3.0 MP CMOS sensor, and 170-degree wide angle lens, WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) built it, high-quality touchscreen.

The dash cam is offering the latest technology like CMOS Sensor and WDR technology to give you the amazing video quality.

Falcon Zero Touch PRO Dash Cam

Quick Mount Bracket – Easily mount and dismount the Falcon Zero Touch PRO from the windshield mount without having to unplug a thing using our patented bracket mount with power pins.

The easy quick mount makes this dash cam smarter and one of the perfect and best dash cam 2019.

Because we can easily mount this dash cam in our car without any issue or problem.

Multi-Vehicle Use – 2 docking stations are included for multi-vehicle use, set up the Falcon Zero Touch PRO in the main vehicle, and the 2nd can be set up in an additional vehicle, or just to have as a spare for a rental car, spouse’s vehicle, etc.

It is the best features of Falcon Zero Touch PRO Dash Cam, that is making it smarter. So, if you are looking for the best dash cam 2019, then the Falcon Zero Touch PRO can be a wise decision for you. 

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Final Verdict About The Falcon Zero Touch PRO 

The Falcon Zero Touch PRO can offer you a wide range of excellent features, and also it will perform excellently in your car.

So, it can be a perfect device for those who need a best dash cam 2019.

As everybody knows that a dash is one of the best and most trendy devices in nowadays. 

So, we have to follow the trend, but with the trend, do not forget to the quality.

So, the Falcon Zero Touch PRO is the perfect quality device, so you may go with this dash cam right now without any if or but.