Published on: January 11, 2018
Last Updated: March, 25 2019

Recording video is a mainstay in everyday life.  However it’s using a Go-Pro or your smartphone, videos are being recorded and shared all day across the globe. Moreover, these videos are not limited to social media, news, or even special events. The newest addition to this recording industry is dash cam. Nowadays for car owners, The car cam is one of the best security solutions while driving.

It is also one of the most useful and beneficial car gadgets in this decade. Firstly Dash Cam only came for police cruisers to record their duty routine crimes and other activities. Because it is considered as the best security tool. It helps in recording evidence for many situations like road accidents.

It’s never a bad idea to have a camera mounted in your car. You never know when you’ll need video footage from your windshield.  It can be one of the most crucial bits of tech you own. In the case of an accident or in some amazing event that really helps you become famous on YouTube.

This isn’t just an ordinary camera. It will do a great job to let you feel better and secure. They have become increasingly popular day by day for so many good reasons. Not only the average or regular driver but also law enforcement companies use them to capture for video evidence of criminal activities. Everyone has a different purpose of using this gadget. Taxi companies use to keep an eye on their customers and drivers. Some dash cam uses to show craziness of some silly drivers to the world. However, these are being used for security and guide purpose.

Types of Dash Cam:

There are some types of dash cam. Dash cameras come in different style, size, and shape. As well as, their specification varies from model to model.

The Tradition Dashboard Camera:

It is specially built for use in car, SUV, and truck. This can be mounted along the dash or even directly attached to the windshield of your vehicles.

The traditional cam has a singular use of being placed in a vehicle. It functions by recording video and capturing of what occurs in front of the car while driving. You can also pick up something called a dash camera with parking mode like Wheel-Witness HD Pro, which will detect and record footage if the vehicle is struck when unoccupied and stationary. Moreover, some have a feature that can record what is going on inside and outside of the car at the same time, called a dual dash camera such as the KDLINKS DX2. Typically, the power source for dash-cam is wired directly into the car’s battery. It powers on when the car turns on and starts recording automatically. Also called as in-car DVR’s because they save to storage, these types of camera use a removable storage media, which are most often micro SD cards. Most dash cameras like the Rexing V1 as well as have a feature called loop recording, so no need to worry about ever running out of storage capacity.

Rear and Front View: Dual Lens Cam

Every dash cam has video recording functionality and some have the same features.

Instead of one forward facing camera or lens, this device as well as has a second camera, or lens, which can point out of the side window or towards the rear of the vehicle. These cameras often name as a 360-degree dash cam. Falcon Zero F360 HD has dual lens functionality which means it can record forward and rear vision at the same time. Moreover, it also has the benefit of being a rear view mirror dash cam with a Picture in Picture feature. Although this device looks rather big there are much smaller options. And some have the second camera on a long wire which mounts on the rear windscreen of the vehicle, as opposed to being installed at the front and capturing the vehicle’s entire of the rear cabin. A dual lens dash cam is highly recommended in this day and age with the increase in insurance scams and careless drivers. There is nothing better than having a 360-degree vision around your vehicle at all times.

Hidden Car Cam:

The ultimate purpose of Dashcam is having a second eye on your vehicle for security in the presence or absence of you. As technology advances, we have seen dash cameras become smaller and more lightweight. They are able to be hidden more easily within the vehicle. Some now come up with WIFI and parking modes. They trigger recordings whenever the camera detects motion outside the vehicle.

However, it is important that the dash cam is to be inconspicuous within your vehicle. You also don’t want it to block your line of sight. And nor do you want it to be visible to others too if you are looking to catch them in an act of vandalism. For all these reasons, there are a number of hidden dash cam options on the market today. These stealthy dash cameras can also be affixed to the windshield by hiding them behind the rear-view mirror. They often don’t even look like traditional recording cameras and the wiring is carefully hidden within the vehicle also. They make it less obvious to the driver and anyone else passing by that the camera is recording.

Dash Cam with Advanced Technologies:

Normally, dash cameras are quite simple but there are some which have some latest touch of technologies. Some techs along with Dash Cam are listed below:

  • Audio-recording
  • GPS-logging
  • Speed-sensors
  • Accelerometers
  • (UPS) Uninterruptable power supplies

Why you need this?

Now you don’t need to worry anymore about when a driver backs into your car without any fault of yours. You can easily claim the insurance and get safeguarded with the fake case from the police with the help of Car Safety Cam.

Car Cam is a blessing and they actually work as proof to capture everything which happens during a collision with another vehicle.

The front and rear cam is the best way to protect yourself financial all the time. It is also the best way to safeguard your personal belongings.

It will scare off dishonest people. As they know that rear camera can collect evident against The best rear dash cam can work as evidence against them.

Front and rear dash camera can save your money on damages. And can help you to fetch the insurance money.


Car Cam is the best option to save good memories when you are driving and put for a trip.

Additionally, it provides excellent video quality when you can post on your youtube channels to get good hits.

The biggest benefit of having the car cam is it captures everything with clarity.

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