Published on: May 02, 2018
Last Updated: April, 13 2022

Nowadays, dash cam market becoming successful and spreading all over the world. Every competitor is offering more features in their new line of dash cam products to stay ahead of others.

As we know, that Human beings are prone to error. Sometimes our society faces terrible experiences, like anything related to vehicle collision, auto theft, driver’s behavior, visual, auditory acuity and reaction speed.

You know, on the road a good driver can be the risk of an incident too.

To save from any culprit update your car with latest gadgets that help in evading the accidents and enhance the driving experience. Cobra Dash Cam has solved some of their user’s problems. No matter you travel long or short distance. You can control your car firmly as well you know the behaviors of the vehicle that around you.

What is Cobra Dash Cam?

Cobra dash cams is a digital camera that based on modern technology to continuously records your journey on the road ahead.

In addition to this, Cobra dash cams are designed for the predictable nature of the traffic on the road. A road is a wild place, and many crazy things happen while driving and a driver doesn’t know especially behind the wheel.

By using this dash cam, you can smartly keep an eye on your vehicle as well ensure that you can protect yourself and your property against any strange situation.

Cobra drive HD dash cam records traffic accidents encounter with law enforcement and share those evidence in high quality and high definition format. It always keeps real-time recording for drivers witness or either helpful for claiming of car insurance.

This small digital camera capture segments simultaneously with front and rear dash cam of an HD video (Front: 1080P FHD, Rear: 720P HD).

Cobra dash camera

Available Models

Available Models of Cobra HD Dash Cams in the Market are:-

Cobra dash cam CDR 905 DBT


Dual View Dash Cam System with iRadar

Cobra dash cam CDR 895 D

CDR 895 D

Dual View Dash Cam System

Cobra dash cam CDR 875 G

CDR  875 G

Drive HD 1080P Full HD Dash Cam with Internal GPS, and Bluetooth® Smart-enabled iRadar® Alerts

Cobra dash cam CDR 855 BT

CDR 855 BT

Drive HD Dash Cam with Bluetooth® Smart Enabled GPS and iRadar Alert

Best Selling Model of the Cobra

CDR 895 D

Dual View Dash Cam System

Cobra – CDR895D Front and Rear Camera Dash Cam Features:

The Cobra CDR895 is user-friendly and have most advanced features to fulfill the current requirement of their drivers.

  • Cobra has standard features of a dash cam, including a two-inch LCD Screen, 160‐degree view in the front and 130 degrees in the rear. You can split the view of two-inch LCD Screen for both cameras simultaneously. Both recorded screens can be playback at the same time with free Drive HD Player.
    It can connect to TV with HD, or USB
  1. 1080P Full HD (1920×1080 / 30 FPS)
  2. 720 HD             (1280×720 / 60 FPS)
  3. 720 HD             (280×720 / 30 FPS)

Within the box:-

  • CDR895D Front HD Dash Cam
  • Rear-Facing Camera
  • 16GB MicroSD Card
  • Mounting Bracket
  • 20 ft. (6m) Rear Cam Extender Cable
  • Y-Cable
  • 12V Power Adapter
  • 10 ft. (3m) Micro USB Cable (power only)
  • 18” Micro USB Cable (data)
  • It has embedded G-Sensor to automatically save and protect video clips while an impact is detected are around the vehicle.
  • Emergency Recording

Unlike normal recoding, Cobra CDR895 can record sudden instant by just pressing the emergency button, and it cannot be deleted or overwritten.

  • CMOS Image Sensor Allows Full HD 1080p video recording with a 160-degree wide angle front camera lens.
  • Rearview camera Simultaneously captures the road behind in HD 720p video quality with 130-degree viewing angle.
  • Parking mode

Provides security while your vehicle is parked. If the motion is detected, the camera will automatically wake up and start recording.

  • Lane Departure Warning System Analyzes the road ahead for lane markings. As the vehicle drifts towards a lane marking an alert will be triggered.
  • Forward Collision Warning System

Identifies slow-moving or stationary objects in the road ahead and alerts car is approaching them rapidly (CA-Mount-002 required, sold separately).

  • 16GB Micro SD card included. For convenient and long-lasting operations.

How to Install Cobra Dash Cam in your car

The installation and usage of the cobra dash cam are little easy to directly place the front camera on the windshield with an easy to use suction cup mount, for the rear camera use strong adhesive tape. Now connect the included power cables with both cameras to the vehicle cigarette lighter adapter. When power is on the unit is automatically turn on and start recording, so you always have footage if you need it.

Hardly 30 minutes requires to complete your installation and hide the extendable wires of the dash cam within the car.

Cobra free there customers from the complicated configuration of its product by turning in the innovative, flexible installation of the rear camera on the windscreen facing out, or even the front windshield looking in.

You get a crystal clear result of both stills and captured videos.


  • Simultaneous recording can be captured with front and rear camera.
  • G-sensor senses a sudden change or impact of motion around a car and automatically make an emergency recording and save files to prevent damage and corruption.
  • Flexible 20ft rear camera extension is available.
  • 1080p video resolution
  • 8GB memory card
  • Suction mount
  • Great day and night video results
  • Built-in GPS
  • Small and lightweight product


  • Difficult to preview recording on small 2” split screen
  • Lane departure and collision warning alerts give late acknowledgment to the driver.
  • 16 GB memory does not offer much storage
  • Unlike other Cobra video recording devices, this one does not offer GPS or Wi-Fi capabilities
  • High price point


To increase the safety of your car use Cobra dash cam as it is perfect eyewitnesses and keep track of unexpected moments on the road. If you are any driver (taxi driver, truck driver, road tripper), who spend long hours in traveling and want to protect themselves from any obstacle related to an accident, to know the face of thieves cobra dash cam provides you the crystal clear picture and high definition footage of the theft. You can also document your exciting journey.

I hope this guide of cobra dash cam will decrease your stress against the safety of your vehicle.

If you are looking for this device, then buy it today to finally capture unforgettable moments on the way.

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