Last Updated: June, 18 2019

Cansonic UltraDuo Z1

Cansonic UltraDuo Z1 is one of the best front and rear dash cam, and if you are looking for the best dashboard camera for your car, then it can be the perfect choice of yours.

So, for everyone, today, we came here with the complete informative review of Cansonic UltraDuo Z1 dual dash cam.

Well, this is 2019, and in nowadays everybody is well-aware with the name dashboard camera. Because it is one of the best gadgets for those who own a car.

Because a dash cam front and rear can shoot the front and rear both the views of the road while you are driving. So, here, we came with this amazing article, in which we are sharing one of the best dash cam 2019.

Well, the Cansonic UltraDuo Z1 is listed as the best rear dash cam just because of the features and latest technology. So, to serve you the best ever, we are going to share this review of Cansonic UltraDuo Z1.

So, guys, let’s get ready to check out the complete review of Cansonic UltraDuo Z1.

Cansonic UltraDuo Z1 “TRG Reviews Edition” 

Cansonic UltraDuo Z1 Dash Cam

WDR HDR Lowlight Sensor

If a camera has a good camera then it can perform excellently in daylight, but the question is, is it able to perform equally in the night also?

Then, the answer is yes, the Cansonic UltraDuo Z1 can give you amazing video quality even in the low light situation also.

Because the Cansonic UltraDuo Z1 supports WDR HDR lowlight sensor to ease down the overexposure light Luxury hairline surface aluminum front cover.

So, guys, with this dual lens car dash cam, you don’t need to be the worry about the night mode, because, you will get the perfectly balanced videos in the day and night both.

150 Wide-angle Lens + 164ft / 50m Telephoto Zoom-in Lens

The company combined 2 lenses into a device.

The wide-angle lens is for complete identification of an incident and how it happened. The zoom-in lens is for catching hit and run defendants who flee a scene.

The zoom-in lens can see up to 164ft /50m, so whether hit and run perpetrators stay or flee the scene, UltraDuo can capture the event from a remarkable distance like no other.

Just, because of the decent features, this dash cam is gonna be the best dash cam 2019, and till now it has lots of happily satisfied users.

So, for everyone who is looking for the best front and rear dash cam the Cansonic UltraDuo Z1 can the best choice ever.

Cansonic UltraDuo Z1 Car Dash Cam

Auto File Protection (G-Sensor)

The G-sensor is built into the device. It records the G-force data when you are driving/speeding, drifting and even record every second of an accident and offer you the most precise information.

In addition, when you turn on the G-sensor function, it is a sensor which, when triggered by a certain force, protects the current file from loop recording.

G-Sensor is one of the most important parts of any car dash cam, by which your dash can save the currently recorded file for the evident purpose to give you the complete security.

Stereo Speaker & Microphone

Cansonic UltraDuo Z1 wants to provide the best sound recording and hands-free kit, so the company uses the stereo speaker, and microphone, and Bluetooth to give their customer the best sound recording and playing quality.

Well, folks, we can say it is the best front and rear dash cam ever, and everything that you can expect from an ideal dual dash cam the Cansonic UltraDuo Z1 can serve you.

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Some More Eye-Catching Features Of Cansonic UltraDuo Z1

Cansonic UltraDuo Z1 Review

  • Ultra Slim Design for easy setup
  • Loop recording
  • 2 Inch High-Resolution LCD Screen
  • G-sensor/ Shock-sensor
  • Lithium-ion 750mAh
  • Parking mode detection
  • Full HD 1080P Resolution Recording

Final Words About The Cansonic UltraDuo Z1

Well, folks, this was all about the Cansonic UltraDuo Z1, and I hope you liked this dash cam. And, after reading this best review about the Cansonic UltraDuo Z1 dual dash cam, now you can take a better decision to buy this dash cam or not.

Cansonic UltraDuo Z1 dash cam has everything that you need, and trust me guys it will never let you down, because of the low-performance. 

So, guys, this is the time to visit where you can check out the review and rating about this dash cam.

And, if you have any query about any car dash cam, then let us know by commenting below in the comment section. We will try our best to answer your queries as soon as we can.