Published on: March 11, 2019
Last Updated: March, 11 2019

Bushnell firm is an American corporation specialist in optics and outdoor products. And Bushnell trail camera is quite famous. Other Bushnell’s products are binoculars, spotting scopes, game and trail cameras, telescopes, and other optical equipment.

Bushnell Trail Camera for Adventurous Scouting:

For scouting efforts, Bushnell trail camera is also so great and essential E3 is in the list of the best trail camera. They help in focusing on the right target area for hunting purposes. However, The trail camera is time savior.

Bushnell trail cameras’ department launched its one of the best trail camera which is Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Essential E3 Trail Camera. It has much worth in the market of cameras because it is the most talked product (camera) due to its excellent features in the market. These features make documentation of wildlife easier and efficient too. Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Essential E3 Trail Camera falls right in the best place for 100$ to 150$. Moreover, I recommend and prefer this on other cameras with my personal experiences of cameras.

The E3 essential is a medium sized camera but a bit larger than micro series of Browning. Multi-LCD screen used in E3 and you need to hold in right angle for the proper view of the screen. In addition to this, It has legit progress in the dark.


The essential E3 opens like a book, with battery compartment in rear half and camera section in the front half. For mounting, its back and bottom are also threaded with the support of strap and python.

Security measures are less due to its Nylon Box. Someone can easily use your camera or take your memory card.

Features of Essential E3:  

The Bushnell Trophy Cam Essential E3 has also specification improvement of the popular Essential E2, with higher resolution still images. 32 Low Glow LEDs that are less visible to animals and an improved night-time flash range of 30m is also installed. The Essential E3 is a digital camera housed within a waterproof enclosure. It uses a passive infrared sensor to detect movement within its monitoring range (up to 30m). This will trigger the camera to capture still images or videos that are saved onto an SD card, and with a fast 0.3-second trigger speed you should also be able to capture even fast moving animals. The E3 is also equipped with low glow infrared LEDs that allow it to take images during the night or in low light situations without alerting the animals. Night-time images/videos are recorded in black and white whilst daytime footage is in full color.

  1. Photo and video capture:

  • Still image max Resolution: 16MP
  • Video resolution in HD 720P
  • Video length is 5 to 60 seconds
  1. Day/Night Sensor:

  • Auto night and day sensor that helps with proper exposure, crisp images, and ensuring clear.
  1. Flash:

  • Hyper night vision 32-LED flash night for recording and snapping in dark.
  1. Power:

  • 8 AA batteries that can last for 12 months depending on user setting.
  1. Memory:

  • Support up to 32 GB external SD card.
  1. Durability:

  • Resistance against weather changes for protection against outdoors’s elements.
  • Temperature resistance varies from -20 to 60 degree centigrade.
  1. Motion Sensor:

  • Detection range 100’
  • Coverage 48-degree angle
  • 3-sec trigger speed (you won’t ever miss your shot)
  • Temperature changing sensors
  • Low, medium, and high sensitivity (adjustable)
  • Auto-mode sensors
  1. Mounting:

  • Free tree mounting or threaded support.
  • Adjustable web belt for alternative support.


The automatic capturing of videos and photos upon motion detection leads to a disadvantage, especially if it will in the wild.

With this detection feature, the camera may also shoot for images and videos of not your choice. And also waste away the energy or the power as well as the memory it will occupy in your memory card.


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