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BlackSys CH-100BWhenever we listen to the word, front and rear dash cam.

Then, BlackSys CH-100B is one of the most trusted and well-known names, loved by the lots of happy users.

Because it is the perfect dash cam front and rear that has the ability to serve you the best.

While using this dual dash cam in my car. I was observing some real things, that this cam has everything, that a quality dash cam must have.

So, I thought that it must be on my list of Best Dash Cam Front And Rear. And I had reviewed this cam.

But, today, here I am sharing this separate article in which I am going to share review this best dual dash cam.

So, guys, if you were searching for the best web place where you can get the review and buyer’s guide about this front and rear dash cam.

Then, now you landed the best place. Because here we are sharing this dedicated article, in which below you will get everything about the BlackSys CH-100B.

Here we will talk about its video quality, lense, and all other things.So, let’s have a look at this complete review of BlackSys CH-100B.

Wide Angle Dual Lens Car Camera Of The BlackSys CH-100B

BlackSys CH-100B Review

Well, the lens is one of the most important things in a camera. That can increase or decrease the quality and work performance of any camera. Well, if we are talking about the BlackSys CH-100B.

Then, this giant has two angle lens that is good enough to shoot in a proper manner. The BlackSys CH-100B have 135° Front and 130°Rear wide angle lens. And the quality of both the lenses is more than amazing.

Not, only me, even you can check out the customer’s feedback on Amazon too. The BlackSys CH-100B has a large number of happily satisfied customer.

If you need some best suggestions about the best front and rear dash cam, then you can check out our complete list of Best Front And Rear Dash Cam, where we have shared the complete review and buyer’s guide for some of the best dual dash cam.

The Video Quality Of BlackSys CH-100B

One of most important part of any camera. Well, if we are planning to buy a dual dashboard camera, then, it must have good camera quality.

Then, folks, the BlackSys CH-100B will shoot every single video at Full HD 1080P (Front Recording) + HD 720P Rear Recording with 2.1MP Sony CMOS Sensor.

It means, with this dual dash cam, you don’t need to be the worry about the video quality. It will shoot the are around your car with a genuine and real quality.

You just have to buy this camera, and after that, you will feel that you had invested your money in a genuine product, that was needed.

True Parking Mode And Motion Detection

BlackSys CH-100B

The BlackSys CH-100B is a truly amazing dual dash cam, with that you can feel the security around you. And you can feel protective with this gadget.

The BlackSys CH-100B has a true parking mode, by which it will help you to park your car, without any problem. Even also when you are alone.

And it’s motion detection feature or more than awesome because it will detect every single activity or disturbance in the car.

And just because of the motion detection the BlackSys CH-100B will be able to shoot a clear video even while the moving of the object.

G Sensor, WiFi Connectivity 

BlackSys CH-100B Dash Cam

The BlackSys CH-100B support the WiFi also, and it has built-in G Sensor. And just because of the built-in G Sensor the BlackSys CH-100B will save the recorded file whenever the camera detected abrupt displacement or drastic change of position.

G Sensor is a great feature by the will detect every activity and changes and it will save the recorded videos automatically. So, a dual dash cam is a better security option for everyone.

And especially if you are a girl and you have to drive in your day to day lives, and then it can be a perfect security gadget for you. And you should buy the best front and rear dash cam for your car.

So, guys, this was all about the BlackSys CH-100B. And I hope you found this article helpful to you.

Let me know you one thing, that one article is not enough to share everything. Because this dual dash cam has lots of amazing features that you will get while using this dash cam.

But if you are looking to buy a dashboard camera for your car. Then, trust me guys, you can buy this camera without any if or but. Because it has the ability to serve you, that you are looking for.

So, now you can visit the from the given button below. Where you can check out the reviews about this camera from the users, and also, you can see the rating of this camera, to get the better idea about the BlackSys CH-100B.

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