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The APEMAN Dash Cam is one of the most trusted names whenever somebody talks about the best front and rear dash cam.

And if you are looking for the best dash cam front and rear for your car, then it can be the perfect dual dash cam for you.

Well, folks, very first let me tell you something about the today’s review that I am going to share below.

As you can see the title of this post, here in this article, I am gonna share the detailed review and complete buyer’s guide to The APEMAN Dash Cam.

I am reviewing this dual dash cam, separately just because of its features and latest technology that it will offer you.

I had reviewed this best dual dash cam on my list of top #15 Best front and rear dash cam. Where I had placed this one at the top. And just because of the amazing performance, today I am sharing it’s separate review here.

Well, guys, below, we will talk about this front and rear dash cam, and I will share every single feature of this front and rear dash cam.

So, before starting the review I would like to ask you one question, that whenever you think about the camera I am not talking about the dash cam or DSLR, I am just talking about the camera that can capture the views, then what are the features that you need?

According to me, everybody needs a super clear lens that can capture the decent videos or images, and the excellent night mode, wide angle lens, as well as some useful sensors. And how you will feel if I say that you will get all these things in your budget.

Is it sounds good? So, let me tell you, this dual dash cam supports every technology and it has every feature to be the best dash cam 2018. And it doesn’t cost too must, so you need to be the worry, it just costs around $70, so we can call it the best budget dash cam 2018.

So, my dear readers, now without wasting the much time, let’s scroll down the page to read the complete review of The APEMAN Dual Dash Cam.

The Detailed Review Of The APEMAN Dash Cam


Camera Quality Of The APEMAN Dual Dash Cam:- The APEMAN Dash Cam has an amazing camera quality that is able to take the clearer footage. And with its dual dash cam, it will shoot the front and the behind of your car in a clearer and proper manner.

It will shoot every scene nearer your car at the full HD 1080P 30FPS resolution. The APEMAN Dual Dash Cam has a dual dash camera with a waterproof rear camera that is able to provide full lane coverage.

As the dash cam coming with the waterproof rear camera, so you don’t need to be the worry about the rainy days or bad weather, because you own a waterproof device.

And one of the best features of this device is, The APEMAN Dash Cam supports the WDR technology, and the opening WDR can make the image more clear, more three-dimensional, more beautiful color.

Just because of the WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) technology the device is completely able to perform excellently in low light situations or in the night also. It means, it doesn’t matter that you are driving the car in the day or in the night, you will get the clearer and brighter videos whenever you drive your car.

What Makes The APEMAN Dash Cam Different From Other Cams

Wide Angle & Wide Capturing Coverage:- I called this dash cam the best dual dash cam in 2018 just because of the features and technology it is offering.

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The APEMAN Dash Cam has a 170-degree wide angle and with a real wide angle lens, the camera successfully avoids video shooting blind area, captures a sweeping view of the road.

With the help of a wide 170-degree angle lens, the camera is able to shoot such a wide and clearer video of the area of the front and back of your car.

G-sensor, 6G Lens, Motion Detection, And GPS Positioning System for location monitoring:- 

The APEMAN Dual Dash Cam offering you the G-Sensor, 6G Lens, Motion Detection, And GPS Positioning System for location monitoring. 

These are some of the best and interesting features those make this dash cam such a real best front and rear dash cam.

With the help of, Motion Detection, the cam will detect every movement of the object and will shoot the clearer video of the front and back of your car.

And the just because of the motion detection the camera will able to shoot the clearer footage even while the object continuously moving.

Final Words About This Review Of The APEMAN Dual Dash Cam

Well, guys, this was all about The APEMAN Dual Dash Cam. And we have shared everything about this best front and rear dash cam, so now you can visit the by the given button below.

And there you will be able to check out the reviews and rating of this dual dash cam front the users of The APEMAN Dual Dash Cam.

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