Last Updated: June, 18 2019

Accfly Dash Cam Review

If you are looking for a stylish, trendy and high-quality dash cam then Accfly Dash Cam is the best. The rear dash cam looks classy with the excellent user interface.

The front camera is 1080 pixel but unfortunately, it doesn’t provide you with the night vision option. Accfly Dash Cam comes with excellent resolution even in the dark.

The rear dash cam does not use any infrared light and this rear dash cam come with lower quality. The LED used in is given a good shot every time.

Accfly Dash Cam is one of the best dash cam 2019, the screen is very high and the video quality is amazing. Additionally, this rear cam is used as drivers side camera to keep a track on all traffic.

Accfly Car Dash Cam Review

Accfly Dash Cam has excellent wide vision angle. Accfly Dash Cam can accommodate l micro SD card which can be pulled off and you can plug the same into your laptop to check the video recording.

When you look at the video quality on your computer, you can notice the quality and precision.

It is excellent and without any distortion. The front and rear dash cam record everything clearly and in wide angle.

The navigation feature of the front and rear dash cam is great in this tool and the control options are very friendly and simple to use. This tool comes very handily when you want to show some evidence to the law and police authorities during an accident or is happening.

So, guys, now without wasting the time let’s check out the complete review of Accfly Dash Cam.

Accfly Dash Cam “The Best Car Dashboard Camera”

Accfly Dash Cam

Full HD Video Quality With A Real Wide Angle Lens – The Accfly Dash Cam provides 1080P FHD resolution @ 30fps., the HD quality is excellent and the focusing and image quality are very reliable.

To give you the amazing video quality and excellent performance, the dash cam coming with a true vision 170°wide angle lens.

And Just because of such a wide angle lens, the dash cam is capable enough to capture a wide view of the road.

Alert “Security First”

This device is one of the best dash cam 2019 because it has a brilliant lane departure warning system and Forward Collision Warning System alarms which notifies every time about the danger. It is must during a long tiring drive.It is one of the best features of this rear dash cam, by which we can feel the security with us every time whenever we drive a car.


The Accfly Dashboard Cam has G- a sensor which provides the comes accident auto detection feature, additionally, the video file gets saved automatically when there is a sudden displacement or drastic

Besides all the above features the Accfly dash Cam comes with 500mAh polymer battery and can support 32G micro SD card to the axis. The card is not included in the set.

Turn on/off Automatically

Turn on/off and record/stop automatically function for easy to use.

Also, the loop recording provides unlimited storage from the TF card, which automatically overwrites the oldest footage when the memory card gets full.

Final Words About The Accfly Dash Cam

Overal the installation is very simple and can be done easily by just following the guideline. The user interface is the biggest advantage of Accfly Dash Cam.

You can automatically switch on and off the rear dash cam when you start and turn off the engine of your car. When we talk about the picture quality, the image resolution is excellent and the night vision is also comparatively visible.

We can say excellent and yes, it helps out with clear night vision. The rear dash cam is a value for money device. Totally worth the price.

So, now this is the time to visit to check out the reviews and rating of this car dash cam and trust me guys, you can go for Accfly Dash Cam without any if or but and it will never let you down.