Published on: September 11, 2019
Last Updated: April, 13 2022

HD mirror cam is a gadget that you can install in a second and replace your ordinary dash cam in vehicle. Get it ready and capture videos and photos in HD with audio. Most of drivers can’t choose the perfect hd mirror cams. So, here we’re providing you with the list of best HD mirror dash cam depending on our detailed research.

List of Best HD Mirror Cams:

Sendow HD Mirror Cam
SENDOW Mirror Dash Camera’s auto-lock recording option guaranties you to record all critical point of any misfortune or incident. To do this, the driver doesn’t need to activate any special feature.

The G-sensor feature automatically starts its loop recording as it detects collision. You’ll also get keep your recordings and photos safe. Moreover, its unique design never disturbs your sight while driving. However, the wide-angle coverage helps to cover each angle of road and vehicle. Though, you’ll never miss any point if you’re using this incredible gadget.

With this, you’ll also not to get worried about weather condition because it records in raining without lackluster. Read about SENDOW Mirror Dash Camera.

YI Mirror HD Dash Cam
Most the drivers don’t know how to install HD mirror dash cam and make it work. YI Mirror Dash Cam is perfectly suitable for those drivers because it is very much easy to install and mount. Moreover, you’ll not need any expert’s help while installing a drive. Just mount it on the mirror with adjustable elastic straps.

Its G sensor activates recording automatically as result of any emergency. Moreover, you can connect your smartphone with this incredible gadget to get a view of footages on the phone’s screen. Though, you can also share videos and photos with friends & family through its built-in 2.4GHz wireless module. Read about YI Mirror Dash Cam’s features.

Pruveeo D700 HD Mirror Cam
You’ll not to get worried about weather condition like raining storm if you’ve installed Pruveeo D700 in your vehicle. Moreover, it captures videos and pictures focusing on the car’s number plate. G-sensor offers you automatic start of recording in case of an accident. Its unique design doesn’t distract your attention from the road.

Additionally, top-notch drivers can get help while parking vehicles through its rear camera. When driver engaged reversed gear, the camera shows you full angle video of the vehicles behind. Read more about D700.

KDLINKS X1 serves 165 wide degree angles with recording in full HD. Its night vision helps you to maintain sight of your behind properly. Automatically loop recording can do recording its own.

2.7 inches wide screen is perfectly enough for getting wide views. GPS record set system also helps you in locating a vehicle’s location. Moreover, you can check the speed and route of the vehicle through Google map. Additionally, G-Sensor automatically locks your record files after any emergency.

The battery will never fail to satisfy you in low and high temperature. Read more about it.

Falcon F360+
F360+ dual HD mirror cam records video and provides a view on the screen of 3.5 inches. You’ll need not to worry about its installation. Moreover, you can use it in multiple vehicles because of its easy setup.

It offers you a night vision to capture interior and exterior clips. Additionally, it also has a built-in speaker function (Microphone). 120-degree wide-angle viewing lens with 180-degree rotation functionality gives you an excellent view.

It also has the mode of motion detection to give you more safety. More detail about F360+.

Rexing V1 3rd Generation HD Dash Cam
V1 3rd generation records footage in ultra HD resolution and gives you view on 2.7 inches screen. The special benefit of this gadget is that it will never distract your sight while driving the vehicle. Its ideal size keeps you focused on the route.

Moreover, it balances the light to give you perfect shot according to the situation. Connect it to the Wi-Fi to transfer videos and photos on your phone or tablet wirelessly. Besides this, no one can detect the installed point of this inside the vehicle. Rotating lens covers the each corner.

Loop recording will keep your safe from shortage of memory. Parking mode helps to park. G-sensor protects your files in case of any emergency. Read more about its features.

Things to consider while searching for HD dash cam:

If you’re searching about dashboard cameras for your vehicle then you most likely found there are a large number of various choices accessible, in all sizes, structures, and value focuses. How might you pick the best model for your needs?

The following qualities are must-check before buying any HD mirror dashcam.

Video Quality:

The higher the video quality, the more assurance you eventually have (and that is presumably for what reason you’re contemplating acquiring one in any case, ideal?), since you’ll have a superior possibility of getting subtleties like a tag number or an individual’s face after an attempt at manslaughter.


If no battery is available, at that point the camera can’t record once your vehicle is killed.

From these viewpoints, HD Mirror Cam appears to check the majority of the crates, albeit a portion of the clients above revealed that its video quality came up short. Are there some other imperative focuses?


Price matters a lot. Before buying any dashcam, you must research the market and all available gadgets. You have to compare the features and price according to your need. Don’t pay for those features which aren’t necessary for you. Find out your need and then pay a visit to the market.

HD mirror dash cams come at multiple prices varying according to the brand to brand.

Loop Recording:

Space or storage memory becomes barrier in providing latest footages. Loop recording’s feature helps to get rid of this barrier because it automatically overwrites your old dated footage with the newest recordings. This feature makes sure that your gadget never run out of storage memory. Because of this, you’ll never miss any important footage.

Night Vision:

Night vision is another important feature to consider before buying camera. This feature let you keeps an eye on the back side of the road. It also helps when street lights went out.