Due to a drastic change in technology, a lot of options has come in the market and the atmosphere of severe competition has arisen among many companies. A beautiful house with well-organized equipment is the dream for everyone. The dual shower head is a significant component of the bathroom.

We spend a couple of days in making the list of the best dual shower head by ourselves and then select one of them.

However, now due to rising demand for internet, you can find anything that you require. Worry not we are displaying the list of the best dual shower head of dual showerhead for your convenience.  You would like to view the list of products.

What is a Dual Showerhead?

Dual showerhead or called as combo showerhead. It is a system that two shower head in a one combined convenient unit.

The handheld showerhead is connected with a fixed shower head to make one design.

Head System?

Dual showerhead system has the following features.

  • This system has two showerheads.
  • The showerheads can differ in size and aspect.
  • Spray system can control through each showerhead individually.
  • This system has a diverter valve to control water flow.

5 Top-Rated Dual Shower Head List

Device Name Rating Price  

Ana Bath Anti-Clog Spray 5 Inch 5 Function Handheld Shower

This system is in the top of the dual shower head. It has an astonishing built quality for long-lasting durability. It has easy cleaning and luxurious appearance. The system has anti-clog nozzles, which are easy to remove for cleaning calcium or any other deposit material.

It has a 3-way diverter and 5 distinct functions for a better showering experience. You can change the style according to your requirement. Its price is reasonable for such type of qualities.

Main Features:

  • Anti clog nozzle
  • Brush nickel finish
  • Stainless steel shower hose.
  • 3-way diverter
  • 5-inch broad shower head
  • 5 functions for shower need
AquaDance 7 inch Premium High-Pressure

AquaDance is a most reliable name in shower industry. They are producing quality products over the years, and this AquaDance rainfall shower is another fascinating invention of this brand.

The built quality of this dual shower head is remarkable. This dual shower head is an attractive, functional, and long-run product.

It has a 6-different setting for different showering experience. It is overall the best product in dual shower head list.

Main Features:

  • Chrome finish
  • 6-shower setting
  • 3-way diverter
  • Simple installation system without any tool
  • 7-inch wide shower face
  • High-power click lever dial included

The appearance of Moen dual shower head is outstanding, and this is another masterpiece of the Moen brand. It will accommodate any bathroom decor well.

This Moen’s product is functional and is familiar with 2 in 1 combo. The shower head is built with the highest quality material for a long span. You can get 3- way diverter set and 4-inch face with five different spray setting.

According to its worthless quality, its price is reasonable.

Main Feature:

  • 5 spray setting for showering
  • 4-inch flow head
  • The diverter setting in 3-way
  • Resists fingerprints and watersports
  • Charming looks
CLOFY 28-Setting Combo Shower Head

You people only end your tired searching and look at this Clofy showerhead. It is not just convenient on your pocket but also best dual shower head of 2018. This dual shower head has an unusual built quality for a long run.

The Clofy shower head has features with Rub Clean Jets which is easy to clean and eco-friendly touch. It has 28-different setting including massaging spray, rain air pause mode, full spray with massage, and full body spray.

It has an attractive appearance with multi-layer plating chrome finish. This dual shower head complete bathroom decor with acceptable price.

Main Features:

  • 28-setting
  • Engineering grade ABS construction
  • Rub clean jets
  • Super easy installation
  • Water saving
  • Multi-layer plating chrome finish
DreamSpa Ultra-Luxury 9″ Rainfall Shower Head

Finally, your dreams have come true in the form of DreamSpa dual shower head. It has the highest quality material with a variety of multiple functions and setting.

The DreamSpa dual shower head has a classy look and just perfect match with any gorgeous bathroom decor. If you require a dual shower head with multiple functions and water saving set, then merely pick it.

Main Features:

  • 9-inch shower face
  • Easy control with a simple button
  • Wide flow coverage
  • Rainfall shower combo
  • Tool-free installation system
  • Various flow pattern
  • Easy push button

Types of Shower Head

Here is the list of several different types of showerheads like,

Traditional Showerhead

It can use in a low water pressure area

Dual Showerhead

This system provides excellent water flow from multiple angles.

Body Spa and Body Mist Showerheads

It is another choice to develop a shower system and spray a mist of water. They can situate in many different places and mostly use in new custom showers.

Overheads Showerheads

Such type of shower called a rain shower heads for the light even coverage it gives. Some models have various arrangements.

Slide Bar Showerheads

These types of shower head slide up and down on a fixed pole. It allows the entire family to adjust according to their height.

Buying Guide for the Combo Shower Head

Water is a great blessing, not only give us a kick-start in the morning but also relax us in the evening bath. Modern technologies have made shower head more concerning and pleasuring.

If you guys are deciding to change your poor shower head and want to take a bath with some luxurious feeling dual shower head, then go ahead.

Here, we are suggesting the guiding tips for purchasing attractive, versatile and inexpensive dual shower head. It is hard to choose a dual shower head from various options.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing

Note some factors to consider before buying a dual shower head that will help you to pick a right choice.

  • Consider settings
  • Water pressure
  • Design
  • Construction quality
  • Price

Consider Settings

Maximum people favor a dual shower head with multiple features. Modern technology has brought numerous changing in many fields. Hence, if you are various setting’s lover then must be concerned with the selection of various setting dual shower head.

Water Pressure

Dual shower head generally comes with immense water pressure that is enough. So as a customer must check water pressure.


Usually, people very concern about the designing of a dual shower head so that it could match their bathroom decor. Certainly, it can look weird. Of course, a lot of companies have multiple designs, but nickel and bronze are very popular among all of them.

Construction Quality

The best dual shower head which you are choosing should have the best construction quality. No one desires a dual shower head that will damage after a couple of days or week. So consider it very seriously.


The best dual shower head is a chief part of a bathroom and also very expensive. No one would want to change, repair or install it repeatedly. So spend your earning very carefully in the selection of any brand that should be a long run.

Advantage and Disadvantage of Best Coupled Shower Head

Everything in this world has some pros and cons according to construction because if it has started must end. Therefore, the Dual shower head has more benefits with few weaknesses.


  • The Dual shower head has extra water pressure as compared to a single shower head because it contains dual pressure.
  • A dual shower head is ideal for a couple because of dual heads.
  • It provides diversified options of showering because you can alter the setting of both heads as your need. You can set one head as rainfall and other in massaging options.
  • A dual showerhead provides more coverage for better cleaning.
  • It is very helpful in lower pressure water area.


The dual shower head has only one disadvantage that is a price. It is a little bit pricier as compared to a single shower head. Due to a dual head, it is more expensive.

How to install a dual shower head

How to Install a Twin Shower Head?

Things you need for installing the dual shower head are here.


  • shims
  • duct tape
  • silicone sealant


  • drill bits
  • socket wrench
  • socket set


Measure Cut and Install the Stringers:

First, separate the blocking for the original water pipes. Now measure the length between the studs for a tight fit for your supports. After a cut, the stringers, pre-drill them for easy installing.

Fix them the place between the studs. To make sure they line up with those holes, which you pre-drill by tiles. Secure the wall studs with wood screws.

Waterproof the Plumbing Behind the Shower:

Keep duct tape around the supply line in the back of the shower wall. Inside the shower, pack the spaces nearby the pipes with silicone. The pipe tape holds you from filling up the complete wall.

The silicone will seal up the holes and hinder any water that may run between the shower unit and the wall.

Drill and Seal Holes for Lag Bolts:

Now, strengthened to handle the weight of the shower with the wall stud. Star-sealed up the new water lines and you are ready to install the new shower system and hook the water back up.

After the bolts screw in the place, fill the holes with silicon so excess will seal up around them.

Attach the Unit to the Wall:

In this step, lift the shower unit over the supply lines and then lines up the holes for bolts. Attach the entirety to the wall using a 1/2″ joint pull to secure the bolts into the stringers. Then, separate the shim from underneath.

Bleed the Lines at the Shower:

To prevent the supply lines from any leaks use thread sealant. In the new lines, install the water hoses inside the unit. Turn the water main on and bleed the lines at the shower.

Cover up all the areas very accurately to prevent leakage. Review the fittings in the shower and in the wall where ran the new supply lines.

Put Together the Shower Unit:

  • Fasten the hose for the spray handle, and then put the cover back on the shower base.
  • Substitute the cylinder over the water valve of the unit, and contort the top plate to the valve.
  • In the face of the cover plate, fit a rubber gasket on the outside of the valve cover and fix a small plastic pin.
  • Now install finish trim plate to the cover plate and place the covers for the faucet controls.
  • Unscrew the showerhead, and then screw the finish.
  • Catch up all the nozzles and showers on the face of the unit.


In the end, we are wrapping up our all discussion about dual shower head with best products and buying tips. After reviewing above all, you would be able to decide on one best dual shower head before opening up your wallet. So don’t forget to judge the products which is most excellent for you and must read their buying, making and installing tips. It’s all for yours betterment.


What are the best dual shower head brands?

MOEN, Ana Bath, Hydroluxe, AquaDance, CLOFY, DreamSpa, Delta dual shower head etc are the best in dual showerhead industry. It’s up to you which is best for you.

Does double shower head cost much?

No, not at all, dual shower head cost is affordable.

Does Dual Shower Head Convenient?

Absolutely, the Dual shower head is the combination of two shower head with high pressure that’s why much convenient.

Can dual shower head be easily installed?

Definitely, its installment easy that anyone can do it. For further detail, visit our page.

What is the purpose of a Combo shower head?

Due to its two head system, most people do prefer low water pressure areas.

Has dual shower head diverter?

Certainly, the dual shower head has diverter with a lot of multiple settings.