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Car Dash Cam 1080P HD 3 Channel Car Dashbord Camera Review

Car Dash Cam

Now you don’t need to worry anymore about when a driver backs into your car without any fault of yours. you can easily claim the insurance and get safeguarded with the fake case from the police with the help of Car Dash Cam.

Car Dash Cam is a blessing and they are basically the dashboard cameras which actually works as a proof to capture everything which happens during a collision with another vehicle.

The dash cam front and rear is the best way to protect yourself financial all the time. It is also the best way to safeguard your personal belongings.

It will scare off dishonest people as they know that rear dash cam can collect evident against The best rear dash cam can work as a evidence against them.

Additionally, it will accelerate the reporting process against the,.front and rear dash cam can save your money on damages and can help you to fetch the insurance money.

3 Channel Car Dash Cam

Car Dash Cam is the best option to save good memories when you are driving and put for a trip.

Additionally, the Car Dash Cam provides excellent video quality when you can post on your youtube channels to get good hits.

The biggest benefit of having the Car Dash Cam is it captures everything with clarity. It is one of the best dash cam 2018.

Let’s get started with the features of Car Dash Cam

3 Channel Car Dash Cam “Detailed Review & Buyer’s Guide”

Full HD Camera

The dash cam comes with 3 cameras. The front camera is 1080 pixel and 30FPS which can capture a wide angle of 140°.

There is a camera inside the vehicle with 720P and 30FPS, which can capture up to the angle of 100°. The rear camera is of 720 pixels with 85° angle and 30FPS.

The display screen is very powerful with 4-inch in can display the content of 2 cameras simultaneously.

G-Sensor & Loop Recording

The camera comes with Built-in G-sensor acceleration when the car has some unexpected accident the DVR will start with the recording automatically.

The recording is done is a loop so that everything is stored efficiently. In case of full SD card, the early video gets covered.

Additionally, you can set the recording time too as 1minutes or 2minutes or 3 minutes as per your need. you also can turn it off when not need.

Motion Detective & Reversing Monitor

When the motion detection option is enabled, the cam starts recording everything automatically when the car gets started.

The rear dash cam is waterproof and also helps with parking navigation

HD Photographic Chip & HDR image

This front and rear dash cam follow performance and low illumination HD photo chips to provide excellent video quality.

When you drive in dark or at night you can always get clear and reliable photographs. The chip is made using High-Dynamic Range technique of image processing system which helps to provide high-quality videos without any distortion.

The rear dash cam also provides compete for support to 32GB,16GB, and 8GB SD cards. you need to add it separately to the dash cam.

In order to start the reversing camera, it is just to connect the camera to the power supply in order to start it automatically.

Final Words About This  3 Channel Car Dash Cam

Wel, folks, after reading this best review of this best front and rear dash cam, now this is the time to visit to check out the review and rating of this best dual dash cam.

The device is capable enough to perform excellently in your car. And it’s best features allow you to feel the security around you every time.

So, guys, it is one of the best dash cam 2018 edition, and now you may go for this dash cam with0ut any if or but. 

Also, if you have to need any advice or if you have any query then leave that in the comment section below, and we will try our best to answer your questions as soon as we can.

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